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  1. Never ever pay f&f learnt years ago with a turbo and lost over 1k
  2. Just a update PayPal refunded me 60 and I kept the gun stripped it down the internals where a joke Stick gears mixed with Shs gears A washer glued under the trigger to make it a shirt stroke Piston had 0 air seal in the cinder moving it fast or slow and had a chunk missing out of the top Bushes battered Now back together with a cyma v2 box with the m160 motor and firing sweet VID_20201201_150419.mp4 VID_20201201_150322.mp4
  3. That's what my impressions is PayPal. Have told me just return it under distant buyers or somethibf along them lines
  4. Yeah I will I nearly bought a jw3 pistol of him also glad I didn't. Just gutted as the build spec sounded mega and could have been a good deal but wasn't
  5. I have opened a claim waiting on pp now the lad literally said to me just take it up with PayPal
  6. The nozzle was stupidly tight to pull off thinking wrong lube dried out? I'll find the video now received_330809044855208.mp4 Had 0 luck
  7. The air nozzle (aftermarket one) was jammed solid and wouldn't move and motor wires had been bodged
  8. I must attract all the time wasters/people that like to mug people off first my predator with a siezed gearbox now this
  9. And this is the reply I get he sent a video of it shooting tracers in the night so it's my issue the internals are broken
  10. South wales pal got a technon the site I need to ask (he discovered the issues)
  11. It is a m160. Motor very strong and torquey I'll get more picturesin regards to the air cylinder and box what should I be looking to retrieve financially for it? So g box 25 ish Cylinder 10andnthen tech timso 60 70? Or just a full refund Paid goods (learnt with the last gun)
  12. 164 delivered one of the lipos is down a cell and the one tgats working is puffed
  13. Thanks I'll see if my ukara comes thru this week and order one
  14. It was sold as fully working off this site I was happy with how it sounded it shot straight but no distance was gutted when it chronod so low but the rps was mental Only thing I see may be a issue is if the gearbox has taken damage from the cylinder smashing around What would be a acceptable price to pay to get this rectified as I ain't too keen on pulling a box appart with the shims etx Not sure what the box is and no was from
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