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  1. Off back up North for the weekend at Camelot this coming weekend, excited to tick 'play at derelict theme park' off the airsoft bingo card. Not one I suspected I ever would!

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    2. Rogerborg


      Isn't the approved vocab "The old abandoned theme park, owned by Old Man Wickles?"

    3. alxndrhll


      Having just watched a video on YouTube from someone who has recently had a mooch around the site it's definitely more concrete playground than it is much ressembling a theme park anymore... but should be a laugh nevertheless.

    4. BreadyC


      I was probably one of the last people to see it in a near complete condition, I have photos from about 7-ish years ago from when me and a friend went exploring around there, it would have been perfect for airsoft then. Though there were numerous things which would be an absolute non-starter for airsoft, including but not limited to:


      - A HUGE hole in the walkway between the Jousting Arena and the rest of the Park

      - Impassable collapsed bridge across to the old pub, pagoda looking thing

      - A deadly drop in the playhouse (which is one of the only buildings left standing today) where the slide had been removed.

      - Removed decking where ride stations used to be making them a cross hatch of beams over a deadly drop


      Today, almost everything I saw is gone, I’m really not sure what we’re going to be fighting over.


       I’ve attached some of the photos I took them years ago.


      This is the last main building standing we’ll be fighting over this weekend 


      Here is the deadly drop where the slide used to be in the play area in there, doubt it’s still there.






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