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  1. W35TI3

    Moding my AEG

    m110 spring and a 6.01 509mm barrel and hop up rubber that's all that's new on it
  2. W35TI3

    Moding my AEG

    The main reason they are looking at Jules more then FPS is because of an HPA player who had passed crono AEG on .40 and people were getting hurt, I was full auto shot by him at close range he could hear I had been hit but didn't stop shooting and the reason I couldn't put my hand up or shout hit because it hurt that much, so they have clamped down rules and modifed some as prof there that a powerful can can pass but it needs to be safe, which in my case was, for I will always use semi I just don't like to play with min engagement purely because I can't always tell the range.
  3. W35TI3

    Moding my AEG

    Well this was one of the things I was thinking is going back down to it's original m100 spring and using the 6.01 bore 509mm barrel
  4. W35TI3

    Moding my AEG

    I was in and out that chrono station 4-5 times to get it right to pass for AEG and to prove I was using .32s I took and brand new pot freshly opened Infront of him. And I know you all say get clues up on it I'm trying as fast as I can but I see my gun 2 days out of 2 months due to me working/living in Germany
  5. W35TI3

    Moding my AEG

    I totally understand where your all coming form but if it was hot wouldn't the people i shot at short range complain and have bad marks, from where I shot them. because I can tell you not one of them did and hardly flinched when I shot them. which is also quite funny that with no mods green gas, my pistol was deemed DMR as it was hitting 350 fps and id like to just add my site decided more towards the jules due to HPA players problems
  6. W35TI3

    Moding my AEG

    the site is Imperium Airsoft and they are cronoing for jules when I told him I was using .32 only he had to get a number for it from a data sheet, I didn't look at that
  7. W35TI3

    Moding my AEG

    Thoes are the figures from game day that's was tested by the cronos on site not by my friend
  8. W35TI3

    Moding my AEG

    Site setup rules and my gun was tested on .32 as that's what I'm using only. Joule Limits updated to Full Auto - <1.3j / MED0 (+/- 360 on .20), Semi DMR - <1.7j / MED20 (+/- 420 .20), Sniper - <2.4j / MED30 (+/- 500 .20) All weapons will be chronod with heavy weight bb's next month for Joules, so be prepared! no exceptions, you will not be able to play with that gun if you cant get below the limit.
  9. W35TI3

    Moding my AEG

    Nothing is bad about the range as it current setup just more can always be helpful but my main worry is the nine consistency, and tbh I have loads of money to splash out on any gun I just really liked the CYMA design that's why I got it
  10. W35TI3

    Moding my AEG

    Your right I'm not clued up lol why my mate who builds and mods did it for me, but I'm just tryna keep it AEG but perform like a DMR my main trouble is finding the right bore for the length of the gun, and the gun as it stands is AEG levels never wanted it DMR why I changed back to original barrel
  11. W35TI3

    Moding my AEG

    only in semi it just wouldn't let me pull the trigger had to go auto to clear it, and yes those jules are correct exactly what the crono was saying and when testing at first I had the gun firing close to high DMR low sniper range, and one way we got the jules down was by cutting down the 509mm barrel, my hopup and barrel is clean, and I think the bbs are bouncing because the inner barrel is near half the size of the gun even with out my suppressor added whole gun sits at 1.1m with stock in
  12. Hi so I recently purchased the CYMA CM.518 M4 w/ custom muzzle brake use it for one game decided I wanted to upgrade it, put a m110 spring a hybrid tight bore 6.01 509mm barrel bull shark accelerator hop up and a suppressor, got it all setup nicely took it to last game was shooting 358 FPS at 1.28 jules with 0.32g BBS and as I decided it did not want to be DMR had to change back to original standard barrel and passed at 286 FPS at 0.78 jules on 0.32g BBS worked brilliantly had okay range and accuracy trigger kept locking up, so I'm wondering what can I do to stop the locking get better range and accuracy with out going over the AEG limit also what is the best battery to use for this gun it came with an 8.4 NI MH.
  13. when you click submit post does that upload that straight away or does someone have to accept it?

    1. Rogerborg


      Should be straight away.  However, if you're trying to post an advert, you'll need to interact with the forum just a bit first.  So, hello, and all that.

    2. djben9


      what and where are you trying to post....?


      but yeah as soon as you submit it appears

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