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    Only used 4/5 times an indoor CQB site, good condition, rear iron sight is slightly broken, the two fibre optics are still attached, but part of the sight that holds them in place is chipped/broken. There is a non fibre rear sight in the box as a spare, but with the BDS, the irons aren't really needed. Comes with original magazine and extended magazine. Pay is via Paypal + postage or cash on collection/delivery(25miles£10). Location is Castleford, West Yorkshire.



  2. I... err... pulled the trigger so to speak, lets home a skirmisher membership is enough of a defence should the question be asked.
  3. Hi all, thought I'd jump on after reading this thread. Having bought before thought, I've search high and low for some additional pistol mags and 'how to add a tracer unit to the pistol' parts. I found everything I need at Evike and cant find the magazines or replacement barrel anywhere else. I don't have a UKARA defence yet, but being a member of a skirmish site is seemingly a defence enough for some shop/s. In reading this thread, I assume that my parts would come under the umbrella of needing a proper defence or fingers crossed they just slip through. Should I wait until I have a defence to buy them, or chance it? EDIT: Evike just responded to my law query on this and said
  4. Hey buddy, Im a totally noob when it comes to Airsoft, but I have been to the Killhouse in Leeds, its quite central too, near costco if you have seen that yet. There is also the foundry in Stourton which I haven't tried but probably will at some point, I think this one is aimed at the more experienced player. FearMasters is an outdoor place near wakefield, I haven't tried this either.
  5. So... I bought before I thought. Now the proud owner of a Cybergun FNX-45 with 1 mag and no mags available... well apart from in America (fingers crossed they can send them and I can receive them). Clearly did my research as I wanted to attach a tracer unit to it, but its the civilian version so it has no threaded barrel! 😞 I also bought an East and Crane EC-103, This is clearly going to put me in good stead for CQB stuff, Not had chance to use either in a skirmish yet, but at least I can add the tracer unit to the m27/416 because its all about the length right ? Already contemplating the JG MP5k, If I can tracer it of course.
  6. Thanks for all the replies, some great advice around the do' and dont's. My second game is planned in for tomorrow. Sat thinking why did I leave it so long to get this far into the hobby.
  7. Well, I guess thats where I fall down, as im not sure at the point..... I tried to break it down, not wanting to buy cheap to start with as it could ruin the experience, but not wanting to break the bank either in case the overall experience doesn't sit well with me. Im convinced or succumb to the idea that I'll spend between 200/300 on a main weapon.
  8. Thanks for replying. fortunately, waiting for the defence forces you to not buy on a whim. In looking around, I see a huge difference in price points, are there some brands to avoid?
  9. ...although its a complete mindfuck to start off with. I thought choosing the right gun was going to be most difficult part, but I reckon choosing your loadout is even worse and even then is finding a happy medium for an overall cost! Hey, Im Jack, 36 from up north, near Leeds actually, was once the proud owner of TM G36C back in my younger days but never went to events. I recently visited a local 'killhouse' in Leeds to see how it went and despite being the oldest there, by far, I really enjoyed it to the point where I was looking for my own gear, but its a minefield! Going to continue with the killhouse to get my 3 games under the belt and then I will try the Sunday sessions at the Yorkshire scare ground for a more slower paced longer range environment. I do have one question for anyone that views this... considering your experience within the hobby, whats your worst/most regrettable purchase?
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