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  1. We launch the shop this Saturday! Details here - Facebook event and more to still be announced 😉
  2. Gate have made the following announcement for any ASTER users: "Important safety firmware update for ASTER is now available. Please check if your ASTER’s firmware is safe: my.gatee.eu/verify. If not, perform the firmware update before using your AEG next time. The new firmware provides protection against strong electromagnetic interferences generated by PMR transmitters exceeding European standards. The interferences may cause your replica to fire accidentally when not in Safe mode. The firmware update brings protection from this risk. If you don’t have USB-Link, you can: - purchase USB-Link in our online store 50% off with free shipping and free 14 days return: https://gatee.eu/usb-link-action - contact your retailer to ask if they participate in the service action, thanks to which you can send, update and receive your ASTER back for free GCS beta version for PC and MAC supporting ASTER will be released on September 18. Apart from performing the update, we encourage you to give us feedback on the new app version. Please ask your friends using ASTER to verify if their device firmware is safe and inform them about the risk. If you encounter any problems, contact us at: [email protected] We are sorry for the inconvenience." Original Facebook post - Gate ASTER safety announcement
  3. Stocking GHK is definitely in the pipeline.... We can order any gun (that's available) at any time on an ad-hoc basis, as we're set up with many distributors, customers just need to ask us for a price 😉
  4. I will let Kirk know our engagement is off. p.s. send pictures of the sister 😂
  5. Followed some links from Orkanadventures.com, have now managed to find sites for Orkney and Thurso itself! Valhalla Airsoft Apparently there is a new site opening in Thurso, Black Panther Airsoft, but haven't managed to track down anything for them online yet. Will update if I do. Thanks for the help guys!
  6. Thanks Guyver1! AMAZING, we're going to Orkney next time we're up visiting family, we will see if we can get a game arranged and report back! Thanks Musica!
  7. I have family up the very top of Scotland (Thurso) asking me where their nearest site is, does anyone know which is the most northernly site in the UK?
  8. NGRS is our thing, Kirk Davis (tech) is known as the NGRS whisperer, he's worked as a self employed tech, for a popular retailer and now for himself. As a company we're new but come with previous tech/airsoft experience, you can check out reviews of Kirks' work on our website or our Facebook page. He's a qualified engineer, ex REME, likes a challenge and is a bit of a perfectionist. We have an account with UPS so customers not local to us can send their RIF via their network as opposed to Parcel Force. Jenni.
  9. Ahhh yes, sorry I didn't take into account the cookies notification as well. The finance one won't be there for long, I just need to make it visible on the home page that we offer it. We've only just set up with a finance provider so need to let customers know that it's available as it's a popular option for purchasing. Thanks for the feedback, much appreciated, will make some changes. The chat one stays though, I've been sent so many jokes today, it's been awesome! p.s. some of you lot are dark AF. Keep up the good work 🤣 Jenni
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