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  1. Thanks, yes epoxy putty and making sure the tube doesn´t touch the blades I made a cut of the tube on a C shape sort of saying to cover more volume inside the fan, also I got a tube to match with the internal diameter of the fan, I checked this previously on the specifitications so it won´t be lose. I tested using teflon tape, or other types of tape (as used for cyclone mike fan) but this seemed the best option. I attach a picture of a newer version I´m working on, this one will be lighter and fit´s any cap, plus I think I can make it more air efficient.
  2. If you have a helmet or anything similar and goggles it´s super cheap, I would say less than £60 and you´ll end up with a very reliable fan, reliable battery, nothing will brake dow in a few days besides everything can be easily replaced. I was tempted to buy the £25 fan goggles on Amazon, but the costumer´s feedback is quite bad, I would say they are disposable.
  3. I sweat a lot too, and I fogged everything I´ve use even with antifog products, ventilated goggles and all the times I accumulate a lot of water on them. When I turned on the fan right from the beggining it blows away all the sweat, and scapes through the small gaps of the goggles so I think it wouldn´t work with completely sealed goggles. It is the first time I can be on a skirmish full time and not having to clean the goggles all the time. Also to prevent my eyes to be dry from the airflow I deflected the tubes to blow directly into the screen, I attach a picture from inside the goggles.
  4. Yes you could say that, before making this helmet I checked online and there´s plenty of products from cheap goggles on Amazon, which I wouldn´t trust to work, it comes with a tiny fan powered by AAA batteries, there´s also cyclone mike , Exfog and also the £280 version of the goggles but all powered by AAA batteries. The fan I used is the same used for cyclone mike but cost me way less and I didn´t wanted to rely on AAA batteries, for me LiPo was a must for several hours of use. Another thing this products don´t have is the speed control. In overall it cost me a third of an Exfog and has the features I look for.
  5. I was tired of dealing with fog all the time, tried different goggles, anti-fog additives and so on, and I wouldn´t ever try mesh goggles so I decided to make my own gear which in principle is an air blowing system that continuously removes the steam produced inside the goggles. I´ve tried it already twice at skirmishes on very hot days and worked perfectly, so good bye fog for me. For this project I took as a support base a tactical helmet and I used a very quiet electrical 5V fan blower, powered by LiPo batteries 7.4 V, 1200 mAh. The fan is connected to an flexible silicone tube followed by a Y connector in which I attached a smaller ID flexible tubes, those are connected directly into the goggles. The fan is powered by the battery but it´s controlled by a power module and a variable resistor to select different fan speeds. The system works quite well even at the lowest speed and the battery lasts between 5 or 6 hours at full speed. I built a box with 0.8 mm aluminium sheets for the battery in case it receives shots and it´s placed it outside the helmet , to protect the fan I hardened the structure with expoxy putty so I´m pretty sure it can withstand shots. The goggles are directly attached to the helmet so it´s easy to put everything on, and allowed me to wear face protection too. So on my tests, the fan is super quiet and zero vibrations I barely notice when is on, there´s a lot of place for improvements but this was the first prototype, I´m currently working on a compact version to be used with caps and smaller goggles.
  6. Wow thanks everybody for the replies, I´ll check for your suggestions and build a project there, I want to find something that has easy to find parts and upgrades.
  7. Hello everyone I am new in this sport so I am looking to purchase my first gun, I've been doing my research on brands, models, upgrades and so on. So basically I have this clear idea on my head to get an assault rifle first. Personally I like the H&K G36K but when it comes to airsoft it could be a complete different story I don't want to purchase a "good looking" gun but functionally weak or unreliable, so Tokyo Marui manufactures the G36K and found that fires relatively same FPS everytime. But what other aspects should I look for in a gun? For the experts what guns (models and brands) would you recommend me for being reliable and also versatile to be mechanically upgraded? on the range of £300-500. Because besides practising this sport I found interesting as a hobby to have a gun I can customise and upgrade. If the G36K is not versatile in terms of upgrading gears, motors, and so on I would look for an M4-Ar15 model or similar.
  8. That's great , thank you guys. Glad to be welcomed, I tried paintball before, but long time ago, airsoft seems more fun to me, hopefully I can experiences to share in the forum soon. Cheers.
  9. Hi everybody. I've been interested in airsoft for a while, but I don't know anyone interested to join me for an event. Hence I would like to join a club in the London area, does anyone knows an airsoft club in the area ? I've been checking skirmish maps but links are broken (any site where I can locate places?), not much info about this on social media or elsewhere (maybe I still don't understand the terminology to find one). Anyone interested to join me please contact me, I have weekends availability .
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