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    JG BAR-10 (HPA'd) and TM HK45 Tactical or MK23. Plus a bunch of others I don't use much.
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    Bush suit, or short sleeves if it's too warm for ghillie!
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    Brighton, England
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    Airsoft (duh?), video games, tabletop roleplaying games, self-defence / martial arts, writing fiction, journalism, reading, swimming, action films, cooking

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  1. Decided to hang up the VSRs until summer, when I'll allow myself to buy and upgrade a KJW m700p as long as I clear all my outstanding debts by then (didn't even renew my UKARA to stop the temptation of buying all the guns). I've lost over 30kg since the first lockdown in March, so I've decided that now would be a good time to practice playing fast and aggressive until I've lost the remaining 30kg or so. Got a TM recoil HK416 and a cheapo Cyma spring shotgun that should fit the bill!

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