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  1. Heading up to AI500 this weekend. I'm really not much of a CQB door-kicker as I play sniper at woodland sites for both skirmish and Vietnam games, so taking the opportunity to try out a secondary setup I want to use when sniping, just with the m700 instead of the MWS. MP9 in an SMG holster on my right and mk23 on my left. I'm just going to play in all the long areas where the MWS will shine and shadowy places where I can ambush with the mk23
  2. Only played half the day this weekend as I am still troubleshooting my KJ m700 on higher power, though I ran it in the morning on 1J as it seems to be really good there (it sends .48s to the moon with minimal hop applied on higher power). Honestly, was a bit of a frustrating one. I was really looking forward to getting out and playing this weekend, but it was a super busy day and they ran a rolling assault game where we weren't allowed to flank. Forcing a 40 vs 40 rolling assault into a narrow corridor just becomes a meat grinder and that's exactly what happened. Wasn't even close, we got slaughtered. However, this wasn't my main point of frustration. The worst part was that I managed to low crawl and sneak into flanking positions within the narrow field of play 3 times and every time I got shot in the back just as I was getting ready to shoot the enemy team in the side or back. I spent the whole game, which was pretty much the whole morning as we only did a warm up game beforehand, crawling incredibly slowly past the enemy line of sight while my friend drew their attention away from my movement and using site knowledge to get around what was otherwise a pretty impenetrable enemy defensive line only to get shot in the back by my own team every single time. Yes I was in a ghillie and expect a bit of friendly fire, but not every single time especially when my armband was around my unghillie'd wrist on the side they were shooting me from so it was clearly visible. Pretty sure two of the three times were the same rental players too. At least the first game was successful. Me and my friend set up to deny flankers on the three base domination warm up game and we denied the flank for the entire game from concealed positions. I did, however, remember why I don't like the mk23 as a sniper sidearm though with that awful squishy trigger making follow up shots hard to make accurately. Back to blowbacks next time! Also disappointing because my m700 is still overhopping .48s on 2J. I found that the middle intake valve + green gas is 2.1 - 2.2J at this time of year, so I know the power setup, but the hop still eludes me. Going to stick a 50 degree in as the 85 and 70 degree ones didn'ty work, but if it keeps doing this I might just make it my 1J bolt action of choice and do a slightly different build with my other m700 for a 2J build. Next week is AI500 and going with zero expectations. I'm no door-kicking CQB speedyboi (my CQB experience consists of urban sniping), so I'll be finding all the long areas and just playing there
  3. Looked into it already and where I'm looking I should be good as a legal permanent resident, even as a foreigner; that said, I will be going for citizenship through either naturalisation or marriage, whichever happens first.
  4. I'm a resident young'n here and I'm honestly planning on moving to the US in a few years through work and I'd be lying if I said 2A wasn't at least part of the reason (you could probably guess the states I'm looking at from that sentence alone). I grew up in the suburbs of Brighton (which is a very anti-gun place), but my father shot handguns a lot when he was younger and it was still legal. I got my first air rifle from my father, as well as a firm education on firearm safety, when I was about 10 and would go into the countryside to shoot at targets we'd hang from trees and also plink in the garden at empty beer cans, though when we moved into a new place we'd always clear it with neighbours and they were largely fine with it. My air rifle wasn't locked away or anything and I kept it in one of my cupboards in my room; I was just raised to not do anything dumb with it. I also always came back from Spain with various spring BB guns when we'd visit family out there during winter and spring because they were a lot cheaper over there. I then joined army cadets as a teenager and I shot a lot there with both the cadet single shot L85 5.56 rifles and the semi-auto .22 conversions and even the L86 in all its full auto glory while out on army bases for exercises or summer camp, as well as the single shot .22s we had for the range on the school grounds (it was a CCF unit that was part of my school because I was a private schooler). I also shot the AUG when I went to Australia with cadets (I genuinely love that rifle) and fired a bunch of other guns that may or may not have been off the record . I also did clay pigeon shooting through cadets a handful of times, which was good fun! I love shooting and I'm an advocate of responsible gun ownership for sport shooting, hunting, pest control and self-defense. Guns were all-but outlawed here and we're still murdering each other in the streets, just now we do it with handheld sharp objects instead.
  5. Action Army m700 hop unit is the best hop unit I've ever used. it's TDC, uses VSR rubbers and has four grub screws that secure the barrel in place and make sure there's no wobble or rotation.

    Just took the 85 degree rubber out of my m700 and put in a 70 degree. Hopefully now it won't overhop .48s into the sky at any power over 1J (and even 1J I had to put the hop completely off for it to be fairly flat)

  6. Wrists or lower forearm is generally what I do when wearing my cobra hood and I can attest to what you're saying here. All through the summer I wear OD trousers, a black t-shirt and a cobra hood that has had no crafting done to it whatsoever (it's just an evolution of the scrim net over boonie trick I used to do to break up silhouette) and I still have people walk right by me. Airsofters are pretty blind in general I'm pretty adamant on the point that people should learn how to hide before investing in a ghillie. The best suit in the world won't make up for crappy fieldcraft and I relish in counter-sniping ghillies who don't know how to use it.
  7. This is for me as well. I have two 1911s, one TM, one is a really old Bell. The Bell feels by far the best; it's weighty and it has all accurate trademarks because I bought it back when everyone shoved trademarks on everything without a care in the world (my m203 is the same and I love it). However, getting the Bell 1911 to shoot in any season that isn't summer is hell (though part of that is because of the tiny 1911 mags and their tiny gas reservoirs). However, it's an issue I see with all the metal pistols at my local site during winter; the tell-tale *click-pssssssshhhhhhhhhhh* of venting gas because they can't cycle properly in the cold. Every blowback I own is a TM, apart from the AAP-01 and the aforementioned display piece of a Bell. The plastic slides are just so practical and they work all year round, even in winter on green gas. I just put 144a in them in the warmer weather to make sure they don't explode, but I ran a 1911 on green gas for years all year round with no issues. Just wouldn't want to push my luck!
  8. I'd hazard to say the AAP-01 as they're under £100 stock, but they have a tendency to eventually explode unless you buy some reinforced parts for it that will take it over £100 easily. That being said, mine has yet to do so... Outside of that, I'd say an ASG or STTI mk23 plus upgrades. Out of the box they're absolutely awful (mine struggled to hit 25m and wouldn't even hop .25s), but with a few parts they become absolute beasts (mine now hits 60m accurately with .32s, which is stupid). ASG mk23 is about £60, plus new Maple Leaf autobot hop rubber (£10), hadron TDC (£15) and hadron H-arm (£10). £95 and will outshoot most rifles, though if you want to use the suppressor that comes with it you'll need to take it apart and take out the inner barrel extension or you'll have a pocket DMR; they're about 1.5J+ with that extension because joule creep is a big thing with gas guns. However, you can run it without the suppressor no problem at all and it's still fairly quiet. Outside of that... Second hand TM will be your best bet. I would never touch a WE as while I know some people have had success with them, the vast majority of stories I hear are horror stories with those. My honest opinion to most though is if you're playing normally (as in, not sniping or using something with an MED), just take the hit and buy a stock TM and do absolutely nothing to it. They're fantastic pistols and will do everything you need them to do out of the box unless you're using a sniper/DMR and need a secondary that can basically be a primary.
  9. A question to the history buffs: when did the 10rd removable magazines for the m700 release? Was it before the Vietnam war, or were they still using the 5rd internal mags at that point?

    1. JinxDuh


      For 'Nam, I'd stick with the internal 5 round as it's the most common in resources. Haven't seen any images of the m700 with a 10rnd, either but I also haven't looked much into it.

    2. Tactical Pith Helmet

      Tactical Pith Helmet

      Stick with the 5 round mag.  The rifle has so many variants it's not easy to say when anything was introduced.  


      That said, no bugger ever sees you in game, so use what you like!

  10. Reticle. It's not an exact science with airsoft guns, but I know roughly where on the reticle to aim at 75m. Wind is harder to adjust for because airsoft projectiles are so light and have so little energy so they get affected a lot and it's really inconsistent as to how they're affected. Airsoft sniping in the wind feels like you're just flirting with Lady Luck and hoping she appreciates your advances.
  11. Had a really interesting one this weekend. I mostly went to set up all my guns for AI500, as there's a BB weight limit of .28 and I won't be a cheater even though I suspect there will be other people breaking that rule. I set up my HK45 first, as I only had the two pistols with me and I didn't want to use the mk23 (which I was also going to set up for .28s for AI500), but I made the decision to also bring my KJW m700 to test. I wasn't expecting it to be great, as I've never used it and it was the first time I had taken it to the range. I thought it would chrono at 2J+ and then... it didn't. It was 1.5J on green gas and sending .48s into the sky. So I figured, "why not try 144a and see if I can get it under 1.1J? Maybe that'll also stop it sending the .48s into the sky" and as it turned out I was totally right. With the hop basically off and 144a now in the mag, it chronoed at 1J on the money with very low variance on a warm magazine that I kept in my pocket to make sure it didn't creep up in the midday sun. Lowest was 1.005 and highest was 1.009. Furthermore, it was sending the BBs out further than any of my other 1J builds, thanks in part because it was flinging .48s where my other 1J builds tend to be .32s or .4s at most. Was accurately hitting the 60m target with ease, and could even hit the 75m with some rifle tilting, so I decided that the VSR, which I had taken as the gun I was going to use, wouldn't even come out of the bag, all my HPA stuff remaining in the bags with it. Taking it out into the game it was clear it's going to need bedding in. The shots were consistent and accurate enough, but some of the shots would hop more and some would hop less every so often, but I'm not going to take it to the range and feed .48s through it for the sake of bedding it in because .48s are pricey! Managed to fit 3 mags total (2 in the belt, 1 in the gun), so I had a total of 84 shots which I managed to last all morning, going through about half of them. I absolutely loved it and will be using it for the foreseeable future as my main bolt action. Everyone says gas is crap for snipers, but damn this build proves naysayers wrong. No MED, can hit 75m as long as you know how much tilt you need. Also, the rifle wrap I use works amazingly well on it, since the magazine is where it should be and the wrap is designed for real rifles, unlike the VSR where the magazine is further forward than it should be because of how a sprig sniper works. I'm so happy with its performance. I didn't expect too much, because my HPA VSR was my magnum opus of bolt actions, but now it has competition!
  12. I never buy RIFs from Asia because of all the nightmare stories I hear from people about RIFs being seized and destroyed and police visits and stuff. However, I have bought parts from JKArmy and they were reliable and got them posted out pretty fast. Was AAP ruger conversion parts and they arrived quickly and without any issue or difficulties in transit.
  13. We all agree that you can bring DMRs and me being a weirdo wishes I could bring a bolt action at 1.1J. What we're saying is that what constitutes a DMR varies from person to person and DMRs are needlessly limited vs regular non-DMR rifles. Having half the ammo per life and being unable to use them inside the shops just makes them pointless vs bringing a regular rifle. In my opinion they should allow all types of guns and just limit them to 1.1J and no full-auto. As long as your gun fits that, you should be allowed to use it, support guns and bolt actions included.
  14. Pretty much. As much as I'd love to still try sniping with a 2.3J bolt action and a 30m MED in this shopping mall (and I do think it'd be very useful, but incredibly niche and different), the main gripe I have is this. What constitutes a "DMR" over a regular rifle, and why are they just pointlessly handicapped for no reason? As I said, I reckon my MWS will be called a DMR because it has a LPVO and with a suppressor it can look quite long. I'd probably not use it in close quarters too much anyway, just because it's long and my little spring breacher shotgun and/or pistol will be far more useful in that environment, but it's nice to have options just in case! Also, why not allow bolt actions at 1.1J too? There are weirdos like me who have 1.1J bolt action builds, as well as WW2 airsofters who are used to using 1J bolt actions in close quarters environments. Yes, it's a lot less practical, but some of us prefer bolt actions because of how they feel. Also, as @Rogerborgsaid, there will probably be pistols running hot. Fortunately, my mk23 is about 1.05J on .32s (and is part of the reason I don't run heavier because joule creep is whack in gas guns), so .28s will be fine, and my HK45 is easily below, but a lot of mk23 builds creep hot, as do CO2 pistols. The .28 BB weight limit should help gas guns keep fairly low power, but I reckon you'll still get some pistols running hot.
  15. No moscarts? Well, my loadout just got a lot lighter, but far less amusing. I wanted to mine some salt! I don't get why people get so mad about moscarts since they hit you with all the force of a stiff breeze. Also, it's not malice that would have airsofters let off bangs, it's incompetence/stupidity/cheating dicks who want to win at all costs. Oh boy, my favourite thing to counter. As someone who mostly plays sniper / bush cosplaying looney, you can always find points where the range helps in all but the most close quarter sites (like UCAP bunker, which is underground tunnels. Would never want to bring an MED there!). I could run my 2.3J VSR, never shoot within my 30m MED and have massive impact on the game if the rules allowed it in this shopping mall going by the pics on Facebook and my general knowledge of how shopping malls tend to be built; it's all about finding the spots you'll be useful and abusing them. Plus I've upgraded my pistols a whole bunch because I'm used to having that MED, so with how much I use them I could easily move about with the VSR slung and the pistol out until I got to my next position and still be useful. Time will tell on this one and it could go either way. I'm hopeful that the site will be big enough, but we won't know until we actually get there and play. Site could work wonderfully, but 400 players is a LOT. The Citadel fell into this trap where the game devolved into a big line battle and felt very WW1, just with modern gear. I'm going in sceptical, but I'll take the event however. If there's too many players, I'll probably just dedicate to locking down areas since my MWS reaches out pretty far and I'm good at going invisible in dark corners. It's all I did last time I played at the UCAP bunker, sitting in shadows with a mk23 and shooting people in the back when they zoomed past
  16. They've said on facebook that moscart shower shells are allowed, but no 40 mikes, but I feel like they should really update the rules on their website when they come out with this stuff, because as you said people will bring 40 mikes and say "but there was nothing in the rules saying I can't!" then they'll throw their toys out of the pram until the marshalls acquiesce and let them use it. Personally, I'm bringing my underbarrel and a few moscart shower shells because I've got 1600 .2s that I've accumulated over the years as free gifts that need to be used. Not sure about throwable shower grenades (I'd assume they'd be fine?) but I wouldn't take one anyway because you know for a fact it's getting stolen at a large event like that unless you go collect it straight away after throwing. And yeah, last time at AI500 I had a marshall come up to me and say I wasn't allowed to use my m14 because it was a "sniper rifle". Yes, I've got it set up like an m21 sniper rifle, but in airsoft terms it's not even a DMR since I set it to 1.1J. It's a battle rifle with a telescopic optic. It's a real shame they hate long guns as the Citadel's outdoor areas would've been amazing for my VSR and very easy to observe a 30m MED without any issues; it's harder to play my VSR at my local site during the summer than it would've been at the Citadel. Last AI500 I went to snipers were banned and DMRs were limited to 1.48J, then the next one that I missed they allowed bolt actions at 1.48J too. Now for this event their rules on DMRs for this event are as you said, especially in the context of the last two AI500's rules on long guns:
  17. I'll be heading up this time because the staff at Worthing go way back with the AI guys (some have been going to AI500 for well over a decade), so a large contingent from Worthing will be going as it's not on a game day this time. Like the NAF, it's mostly a social experience for me, but I also tend to be able to still enjoy games if they're poorly run by playing my own way. Going to be harder as this one's purely CQB, where the Citadel at least had the outside areas for me to terrorise, but I reckon I can still do it. If I were into betting, I'd put money on them telling me my m4a1 is a "DMR", which are arbitrarily limited to the point where they're pointless (same power limit, same BB weight limit, half the ammo per life, can only be used outside the shops as well as the inherent disadvantages of being longer and heavier; all drawbacks, no benefits), at some point over the weekend because it has a LPVO and is fairly long with a suppressor. Part of me wanted to bring my m21 specifically because it's clear they hate me, but I can't be bothered to take all my HPA stuff that far purely just to be rebellious. I've only been to one AI500 and it wasn't the best run game, but the running of the game wasn't the issue for me. The issue for me was that it was pay to win, with whoever had the most pyro winning because they could just use it like artillery. I didn't get hit by a single BB on the Saturday, every time it was a hail of grenades instead and I feel that ruins the game. This time there's no pyro at all because it's in the middle of Rochdale and they don't want the police called every 5 minutes because a random person on the street hears loud bangs coming from inside the shopping centre. Failing everything it'll be a good workout since my CQB kit is heavy thanks to the weighted plates in the plate carrier. Weight loss takes time, but this'll be a nice kicker towards that goal. If I can't enjoy the games, I'll enjoy the gains! (sorrynotsorry 😂)
  18. I think you mean Wolverine MTWs. That's what I've been noticing; it seems like most ghillies these days like to run MTWs or other HPA m4s. Or they take the piss and run things like ARP9s with drum mags (you know the type of gun...) I somewhat agree with the bolt action sentiment as I do think that if you want to wear a ghillie you should be in that "sniper" role, though some people like to run 1.1J sniper rifle builds like my m21 and SR-25. Both locked to semi and both obviously "sniper rifles", but they're 1.1J semi autos. Also, if someone's running in a pair with one person running a regular rifle and one is running a bolt action I have no issue; there was a pair at Worthing doing that today, both in ghillies and clearly running sniper/spotter setup which I thought was brilliant and I'd love to get some time doing the same. Problem is how would they police that, and where would sites draw the line. Works more at milsim or filmsim events where you're going to fill a specific role in a squad or a civpop/insurgent cell, but at skirmish games you'd have lots of people with scrimmed up MTWs with LPVOs saying "no, it's a sniper rifle, look!" Also this. If I get to a position, I'm tucking my arm in tight whether I'm in a ghillie or not. Tucking the arm in tight makes it impossible to see the armband regardless of if you're wearing a ghillie or not, unless you happen to look at that player from the specific side where it may be visible but even then it could be concealed by foliage or a tree or something.
  19. I have a LPVO designed for air rifle shooting on my MWS and it holds zero just fine. You shouldn't have any issues whatsoever with even the better replica stuff as @Chev Cheliossays.
  20. Looks like it could be an effective camo, honestly.
  21. I mean... I'd just get a Cyma one with a stock Love my Cyma spring shotgun
  22. I'll add my two pence as a regular bush cosplayer. In short, if you're unsure and can't see a band just shoot them first. My local site makes you put them on your arm, however I've found it's really easy to mostly conceal the armband beneath all the ghillie flippyflappy bits on the arm and actually prefer it to putting it on my leg which isn't as easy to conceal and tends to be more visible with how I play as I go prone a lot. However the trade off is that I get friendly fired more than I get shot by the enemies, but as a ghillie who tries to keep my armband out of sight that is something I fully expect and encourage; if you're not sure on a ghillie's team, shoot first and ask later to be safe (unless it's super obvious they're on your team / they're actively waving or shouting at you and trying to get your attention). If they moan, maybe they shouldn't be using a ghillie as that's just part of it if they want to make their armband hard to see, which you want to do as a ghillie because bright blue or red or yellow doesn't blend in well with the UK woodland. In terms of wearing it on the ankle, if the site allows it then you should be allowed to do so, but my earlier point still applies; if you're unsure, shoot the ghillie first unless it's obvious they're on your team.
  23. I'd also be looking forward to seeing how they handle chrono because it looks like they'll be doing it on .2s. If they do, there will be plenty of hot guns on the field as anyone running gas or HPA who sets 350fps on .2s will creep on heavier ammo; can confirm as someone who pretty much solely uses GBB(R)s and HPA systems.
  24. Pretty sure if they start sniffing players they might get law suits filed against them...
  25. Dremeled out the material and it still does the same. However, I think I identified where the issue was and have now fixed(?) it. I removed the small metal clip that goes over the hop up chamber, underneath the bolt cover as it was ever so slightly pushing down on the hop unit which meant the nozzle was rubbing against it if the magazine wasn't inserted in and applying that slight upward pressure to keep it aligned. It's satisficing and opens the hop unit up to the element somewhat (though not really as it's still covered by the bolt cover), but it means it doesn't jam up without any magazine in. Honestly don't know how else to solve the problem as I'm not sure I could shim the hop unit because of how the m14 is built.
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