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  1. So......

    Apparently Royal Fail have taken it upon themselves to "re-export for return to sender" a package of mine containing a dummy muzzle device, rail and trigger guard from Angry Gun, not because it's been pinged for charges that haven't been paid, or because I've failed to pick it up from the office, or not been in when delivery was attempted but simply because they can. 

    Looking forward to an entertaining chat with their customer services tomorrow..... 


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    2. hunter511


      legally UKARA *should* mean fuck all as far as parts are concerned unless its an entire RIF.


      Unless a part is "pressure bearing" it is perfectly legal to own and import in the UK.


      Granted the local police have got a touch miffed about me importing tac-lights and holsters from the US but by their own admission the most they can do is pop round and ask me if I have a reason to import them. (also by their own admission "because I can" pretty much covers it)

    3. Crimsonknight3


      Just to add my experiences, I have ordered a gearbox, charging handle, bolt latch and fire select lever from America, and also hop up, springs, barrel, battery, and tactical torch and sights from china and apart from the obligatory hostage fee's in most cases the only inconvenience ive had is time. Sometimes parcels are inspected and a fee notice sent after being in the uk 4 or 5 days, for the gearbox it was with customs for 4 weeks before i even got a fee notice

    4. Rogerborg


      Sound like you might have been red flagged.  I don't even know if that's an Actual Thing, but if it were, I'd imagine you might have won one.


      Royal Fail are free to tell you that their contract is with the sender, not with you (although they'll rinse you for VAT, duty and their bonus charge for charging you for them).


      However, you are free to fire in with a Subject Access Request for any details they hold on you, including super-secret flags.


      Might be worth doing the same with Border Farce and your local Constabulary as well.

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