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  1. Ended up buying a firehawk for CQB and a Ares Octarms Km12 off here. Very happy so far, seem well made and the quick change spring on the ares is smart. Will be putting them through there paces tomorrow. Thanks for the imput 👍
  2. cheers gents, its the exact charger you have shown in the pic. Done some research on lipos now and all batteries charged ready for tomorrow and shall be purchasing a battery tester. Amazes me that the charger can be so cheapy made when charging something that has potential to cause damage.
  3. ah i see, thanks for the swift reply. I was expecting to see a 3 pin and 4 pin port on the charger. cheers
  4. Evening all, today I have been sold a g&g firehawk with a 4 pin balance charger and 3 pin nuprol 7.4 1450mah 30c lipo. Being new to the game this has me stumped. Am I missing something? 😂 Any help greatly appreciated.
  5. thanks for the replys guys, im not adverse to the idea of a polymer gun as long as its good quality and hardwearing. Apparently there is a place near me with a range to try out guns so i shall have a look there when i get chance.
  6. hi, thanks for the reply. Im probably looking upto about 250. If i spend much more than that i would probably just go all out and get something high end. I quite like the idea of tinkering with something without it being the end of the world if i fudge it 🤣.
  7. Hi all, new to the forum and looking for some advice. Looking at buying a starter gun with scope for improvement as I go. I know the M4 platform is the most widely used and am looking at going down that route. I'm used to playing with a HK 416 and like the feel of a metal gun. I know the CM16 raider is a good place to start with but is there any decent full metal alternatives that wont break the bank as I need batteries, mags etc also. Looked at the Specna Arms H06 that looks reasonable but don't have much info on the quality?? Any advice welcome. Thanks 😀
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