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  1. DeclanStratchi

    G&G ARP 9 HPA (Wolverine inferno gen2)

    Time Left: 3 days and 11 hours

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    This gun has a wolverine inferno gen 2 engine installed with the default g&g hop up the engine is very air efficient and has only been used twice due to me being a pistol player.


  2. DeclanStratchi

    Wolverine engine/ hi capa efficiency?

    Just for anyone wondering (looking for info like this) using only th pistol i got around 1300 shots out of it on a 48/3000 tank
  3. DeclanStratchi

    Wolverine engine/ hi capa efficiency?

    Thanks, im going to play tomorrow but im keeping a diving cylinder in my bag just in case.
  4. Im sorry for using you guys as google but i cant find info on this anywhere else. I have a tippman 48ci/3000 tank and my wolverine engine arp 9 runs at 80 psi, i also use a aw split slide hi capa that runs on 80 psi but im not sure how long that will last me. Thanks.