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  1. I ran a Bo Fabarm Stf 12, before I got my Ukara sorted. This was on CQB only, a lot of people laugh but it really can be rewarding. When you get a few hits up close it is fun. It also makes you think more in terms of ammo count. I'd highly recommend running one for a game or two with a pistol for back up. The only trouble is you soon get out gunned with someone shooting at you with a high cap 😂 Definitely worth a go in CQB.
  2. They are good solid guns. Unlike some of the older stuff they do have an etu & mosfet which can be picky. Just make sure you run a decent battery at the correct ratings and you'll be fine! I was going to get one of these but ended up getting a wild hog which I think is essentially the same gun just a different barrel and front rail? Recommend it.
  3. LJ_1990

    Patrol Base

    I know there's a few mixed reviews about Patrol Base, and the fact anything you want seems to be out of stock! I've made two seperate orders, one back in the summer which was faultless. Another on Christmas day. With an expected delivery date for the 7th of January. It ended up being delivered on the Friday. That's with a Ukara check as well. Can't fault the service!
  4. LJ_1990

    Airsoft World

    Bit of a mixed review, ordered my shotgun from them, which I received within a few days. I also ordered some spare pistol magazine parts, all of which was stated in stock. It took over six weeks to be delivered. When I did speak to them, they said someone had left and hadn't sorted my order. Would be cautious next time.
  5. Thanks for the welcome chaps! The worst one is getting shot in the legs when clearing the cells! Will probably see you down there soon.
  6. Apologies I cut half the name out! https://www.patrolbase.co.uk/bo-manafacture-fabarm-stf-12-tactical-spring-shotgun?pv=5188
  7. Evening everyone, Thought I would say hello - Fairly new to airsoft, have been playing for just under two months now all at Bristol Airsoft CQB site! Really enjoying it so far, have currently got myself a WE 1911 pistol & a Bo ST12f Shotgun until I can get my UKARA! Looking forward to many more games!
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