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  1. Had one of my mags end up in a situation like the bottom one in the image. It was a full magazine and all but 4-5 bbs fed and when I pulled it out after I realised my red bb justice wasn't firing out the end I took the magazine out and I noticed it was jammed at the convergence point. 




    It cost me dearly as you can see the tracers stop in the video but my gun keep cycling because the empty mag catch doesn't make it up. I pull it out to check and see it still has bbs left so put it back in but still no red justice. When I inspected it later I realised it was jammed up like the picture. 


    I have dropped my magazines 3 times ( separate occasions and I don't mark my magazines to know which one took the drops)  but I am pretty careful with them usually. I read this can happen if the magazine gets a bend or dent in from dropping so I hope that isn't the case but it's possible. 


    I'm going to clean the track with cotton buds and rubbing alcohol hoping it's just dirt. Anyone got any other suggestions? 



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    2. Musica


      @Yukarin0 gaps. I load 1 by 1 usually. I start the stack on the right.

      @Lozart had plenty of games with these mags and bbs before without noticing it and I have emptied all 3 magazines a few times in games.

    3. Musica


      Dirty magazine tracks 


    4. Musica


      All 3 magazines emptied today no issues. 


      I start the stack on the right and make sure the follow is on the bottom left bb. Duno if it makes a difference but I like consistency 


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