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  1. Today in a CQB scenario my TRMR decided to deploy its self as I was hit. So I jumped up hand up yelled hit like a good hit taker as I go around a corner and get shot. My trmr twists and jumps out of my holder and lands at the guys feet and goes off. Hes asking if he has to take it and I have no answers to give him. I never armed it or threw it 🤣 It was my jumping up to call my hit that loosed it from its holster.  Opinions? He took it I never said he should or shouldn't I honestly don't know feels a bit like matrydom from  COD Also for anyone wanting to avoid this POS holster do not buy this. https://jdairsoft.net/trmr/trmr-e2/trmr-kydex-carrier2

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