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  1. Asg evo smg, atek body kit, zhukov stock, yeti wurks mag release, asg cnc short stroke trigger, billet alloy fire selectors. Internally, 2020 spec gearbox and ecu/mosfet, asg m170 piston, asg aluminium pistol head, asg mp5 cylinder, asg blue cylinder head, asg ultimate gear set, short stroked, asg ultimate infinity 30k motor, madbull steel tightbore barrel, prometheus purple hop rubber and asg cnc hop unit, ball bearing spring guide and upgraded spring. 11 mid cap mags with speedpull's, 2 11.1v lipos, 1 off full metal silencer, asg carry bag. (Vortex not included, nor is the front thumb rest
  2. I will just leave this here.. https://www.airsoft-hub.com/item/5595-mystery-box
  3. Well hopefully the necessary information is now there for all to see.
  4. I will refrain from any more defence then. If someone is serious about knowing whats gone into it then they are free to message and ask. Edit. Updated as best I can.
  5. @AlphaBear Just to pull you up on a few points.. "It's a 2020 model with upgrades." that's not what it says, it is 2020 spec with upgrades, so some of the cost of parts are to bring it upto the latest 2020 spec. "would cost £350 plus?" where did the plus come from ? Lol "I most curious...." Not enough to message and ask though.. Again yes. As certain places only allow a short write up and 1 or 2 pictures Not really John and after my dealings with you I would consider myself quite a decent buyer
  6. Lol he is me and all people have to do is ask and they can see a complete list with receipts..not that hard to do Maybe you should just do the obvious thing and ask whats done like it says in the advert..lol Its posted in 7 different places and each place has different rules on how many pics and how much info you can post so to speed things up its just easier to ask anyone that is seriously interested to message and get the full details.

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    Heavily upgraded 2020 spec Scorpion Evo package. Just had £350 of new parts fitted with receipts. £415 delivered, no offers or swaps etc as I have seen another rif I want. So. It was a 2019 smg, just out of warranty when the gearbox failed. So off it went to airsoft parts online where it was fitted with a brand new 2020 gearbox plus the updated 2020 ecu/mosfet. It has the full internal upgrade with the upgraded piston, piston head, cylinder, cylinder head. Brand new gears etc that was short stroked with the cylinder to remove any chance of gear damage. Brand new motor as that was damaged with the gears, cnc trigger fitted. Bearing spring guide and new spring. Then whilst it was there I made a further purchase of the madbull tightbore barrel plus prometheus purple hop rubber and firefly flat hop to top it all off. So basically its been updated to a 2020 model and upgraded to ensure it won't break and shoots amazingly. Comes as pictured with 3 mid cap magazine's, 1 x 11.1v lipo battery on deans ( to match up with the 2020 mosfet) and red dot sight. All bundled up in the evo carry case. Message for more pictures inc receipts. Thanks


  8. Um.....o....k....check out the individual ads too...wow.. https://prefired.co.uk/ads/three-rifles-and-pistol/
  9. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    WE scar l gbb, 9 good mags, 2 leaking, Sru body kit, original stock and grip included to return to standard if required and red dot sight. NPAS fitted, adjustment key included. Some marks on the gun but no damage. Comes as pictured. collection prefered (Swansea area) due to gas mags, if I post i will have to empty the mags of gas. Can provide video of it working. £425 delivered


    Swansea - GB

  10. Doesn't look very sealed in those pics either. Are they actually available to buy new?
  11. "Looks nice"....please don't play airsoft blind..
  12. I saw the preview, thats why I assumed it had been deleted lol.. Odd that the seller either doesn't look at their own advert or has a weird setting that reads it fine...
  13. In my defence it wasn't so easy on a phone lol
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