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  1. I dismantled it today, cleaned and regressed everything and studied the movement. Looks like it's a problem with the bolt itself, as far as I can see it's a completely sealed unit so I can't strip it, but the spring is malformed inside the unit and the spring guide isn't long enough to keep it straight. It's a lot smoother now, nowhere near as smooth as I've seen on some rifles (bolt won't just fall back in after its engaged, you still have to push it) but it'll do for now. Anyone opened up one of the bolt units for the G&G?
  2. I've got an L96 with the upgraded spring and bolt set in it, but the pull feels really lumpy, as though there are mechanically things in the way - it really feels like a fight to pull it and re-engage it - this is why I think its not just the bolt - as sometimes you really have to slam the bolt forward to engage it Are there any guides anywhere on tuning, or smoothing out a spring pull on this gun, as I cant find anything from searching
  3. Foolycooly

    Gear clearout


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    Looking to clear out some spare bits I no longer need. All prices include PayPal fees and P&P 2 X Vyper drop leg molle, brand new with tags £10 each Tan webbing, in as new condition £15 Tactical belt and pouches £10 Revision bullet ant lenses, clear, black and yellow £10 Camelback, desert MTP, brand new mouth piece £15


  4. Looking for recommendations - I've been restoring an old SCAR which was V2 Gearbox based - built an awesome gearbox, but due to some failures of the receiver and availability of parts, I cant complete the SCAR project, so I'm looking to transplant the Gearbox into something else..... I've already got a P90 as a CQB & Woodlands weapon, and a bolt sniper for those games I want to be sneaky, so I'm looking at something more assault based - is there such a thing as a V2 based Support Weapon, or should I be looking at M4 derivatives, and strapping a Grenade launcher to it? I've put a wanted advert out for Boneyard projects, but if anyone has any other cool suggestions, I'm happy to hear them

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    Looking for any boneyard AEGs compatible with a V2 gearbox. Preferably a SCAR platform, but open to pretty much anything.


  6. That escalated quickly..... Need to fix the feeding issue, think it's either the high cap or the air nozzle interfering VID_20190302_185840.mp4
  7. I had the same problem last night, ended up swearing at it a lot, and putting it all away - watched a few more videos today on gearbox maintenance, and ended up glueing in the old bushings - even managed to get the bloody thing working! - typically this happened AFTER I'd placed my order for parts, but hey ho, new gearbox inbound, and now I know I can strip and rebuild from scratch! Hopefully all going back together at the weekend ahead of a game in 2 weeks time!
  8. I've had an ASG Scar since I started - it was my first gun, but its fallen into disrepair since I haven't used it for a long time, and its been sat in my garage - gearbox is a V2 I came to look at getting it working again, and fixing it up - first problem I've come across is the gearbox - it locked up on first use, and in my naivety I just stripped the gearbox to see what I could find out (and yes, I suffered from first time exploding gearbox syndrome) Now that I've found all the parts that were scattered across my dining room, I started to do some investigation - the bearings seem very loose, so they are getting replaced, but also the shell wasn't holding the bearings in place, so I'm thinking I may need a new casing as well? The gears seem in good condition - but no idea on the speed of them (it did have a nice ROF when it worked though) - they are XYT, which I've read up on, are quite common, but regarded as quite strong - so I'll probably keep them. Piston seems good - no air leak when I block the nozzle and try and compress, and no broken gears. So far then, it looks like; Bearings / Bushings set + new shims Possibly new case Am I missing anything that I should check out / rectify while I'm dismantling this lot?
  9. Hi, I'm trying to return an old AGM Scar back to factory. The one I have has had the stock replaced and I'm trying to find the parts needed in the UK. Anyone know anywhere that has replacement parts, or if there is a compatible part I can use? The spring.plate is fine, it's just the hinge and stock I need that slide into the back of the plate.
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