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  1. Shit... Thought I'd go and test fire the KSG to see what, if any issues would present themselves! I firstly made sure the barrels were located properly and the outer barrel now secured with the two locking rings. Seems to be shooting fine, with no miss-feeding etc although the single (upper barrel) occasionally sends a round much higher than the lower two barrels. Not sure whether it was doing this before or whether this is due to the previous barrel movement...
  2. Afternoon chaps, Hope you can help!? I've fitted a new flash hider to my KSG and whilst tightening it the last few turns I noticed the outer barrel rotate also, which in turn has also changed the rotation of the three inner barrels. Do they need to be in a certain position? Two on bottom one on top for example, or will it be fine off centre? I assume being a fixed hop and the bb's feeding from the rear won't cause any issue, but I just wanted to ask as I haven't had chance to test fire it yet. So if it does need to be a certain way can adjust it accordingly...
  3. That KSG looks incredible! 😍 Although the mag conversion needs to be destroyed, and locked away in the gates of Hell...
  4. I couldn't agree more bud. Personally you can't beat a good TM pistol! I recently bought a TM HK45T (with trades) 😉 and out the box it's fantastic! You mentioned the VFC FNX45 in another post. You know TM are bringing one out this year right!? Thanks mate, The A5 and the fact it's pretty much identical to the real steel in terms of colour etc (RAL8000) is what made me pick the VFC up over the TM in the end. Maybe you should try and get hands on with both rifles and make up your own mind?
  5. It certainly is a matter of opinion. I'm a big fan of most things TM however after comparing my VFC 416A5 to a TM 416 (both tan) Externally I much prefer the VFC over the TM. I'm not suggesting in any way that the TM is crap, just my own opinion of course! Internally however I was very disappointed with the VFC when I used it for the first time at a skirmish whilst being stock, it was pretty woeful if I'm being honest! My old Krytac LVOA-S (also stock) shot much better out the box. I've since spent quite a few beer tokens upgrading the internals on the VFC and it's a little monster! This is the money pit...
  6. Before placing an order bud, just phone the supplier and ask them about H&K trades. I think you'll be surprised to find there is plenty of suppliers that mention the lack of trades on their website, but in actual fact leave them alone entirely!
  7. Thanks bud, I really appreciate that. Glad I've gone and ordered the 'Lighter' now!
  8. Had a great night at the Bunker last night, and met some awesome people! The KSG was an absolute beast, and put a massive smile on my face the whole time! Completely different style of play required, but very rewarding. Was a real 'baptism of fire' getting to grips loading the shells in complete darkness! 😂

  9. Yes please mate, unless these photos are locked in a vault somewhere... We're still taking about M4 photos right!? 😉
  10. Thanks for the reply bud! Was that being used on a rifle or a pistol?
  11. I played at the bunker last night , and have decided a tracer is a must! Just ordered a an Acetech 'Lighter' for my 416A5, as if I can get decent performance from a smaller p[package then why not? I know its meant for pistols but I assume it's fine to use on a rifle? @L3wisD What's the battery life like? Would you say it's more then enough for an evening's worth of play?
  12. TM Shotguns... AA12 or M870 what would your money be going on? (secondhand)

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    2. Druid799


      Oooooohh ! @Game Cam thems fighting words ! 😱😱

    3. RMDavis


      Thanks for all the replies chaps! After all that, I'm getting a KSG instead... 😂 Which I'm sure will make @Druid799 happy! 

    4. Albiscuit


      It is a beast, still nothing like a 'traditional' shotgun, but I would imagine very fun to play with much like the AA12

  13. I use 'Abbey Predator Ultra Gas' on colder days in my TM HK45T (also in my TM PX4) Hotter days however I switch to 'Abbey Predator Gun Gas 144a'
  14. Time Left: 6 days and 23 hours

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    For sale is my Tomtac Comtac II Headset (black) complete with FMA fast helmet mounting brackets (black) This headset is only a couple of months old, and the only reason it's up for sale is I honestly I can't get on with them! Not a negative on this particular headset, but personally I really don't like having both my ears covered up during a game. Combined with a helmet, eypro etc it's just too much for me and I need to find a less bulky option for Com's. It's literally been used for about 20 minutes if that, and works perfectly. Sadly the headband is missing as I stupidly binned it as I intended to use it exclusively on my helmet, but as mentioned I will include the FMA helmet mounts. I would like £50 posted, but can arrange collection for anyone that's interested. Any questions etc just drop me a message. Thanks for looking, Rob.



  15. Had an awesome day at R.I.F.T 'Coms Site 3' on Sunday. Such a well organised site, with some of the best marshals/marshalling I have come across. Well worth a visit guys, I will definitely go again! 

    1. AndyDynamic


      Going for my first visit on 10th March having been to The Village a few times - really looking forward to it 👍

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