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    G&G Raider/ G&G ARP 556/ Tokyo Marui M92F
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    Mechanix Gloves/condor chest rig/Viper tactical trousers and helmet
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    Tuddenham, Combat Airsoft Thetford
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  1. Jason sharpe

    A&K M249 mk1

    You are a bit to far for me to collect, I live in Suffolk sorry
  2. Jason sharpe

    What's your favorite bit of "non-combat" kit?

    My Van to chuck all my kit in, Pot noddles and Jaffa cakes you can’t fight all day on an empty stomach 😆
  3. Jason sharpe

    A&K M249 MK2

    I’m thinking of buying a A&K M249 support weapon and was wondering what would be the best battery? I have 11.1v lipos and 9.6v Ni-Mhs. Thanks 🔫🔫
  4. Jason sharpe

    A&K M249 mk1

    Is this still available?
  5. Jason sharpe

    CQB Help

    I have a G&G Arp556 it’s a great gun and it sounds awesome,I have added a red dot sight,front grip,tactical torch and a drum mag. It’s great for CQB and woodland areas.
  6. Jason sharpe

    Newbie tech question - ARP556 battery

    I have recently purchased a ARP 556 and run 11.1 lipos, I have added a front grip,red dot sight and a tactical torch.You won’t be disappointed with one, and it sounds great.
  7. A Tokyo Marui M92F it’s all wrapped up under the tree🎄🎄🎄
  8. Jason sharpe

    Lipo charging

    Sorry if this question has been asked before,I have recently bought a ASG balance charger and Nuprol 11.1v Lipo Battery’s .I would like to know once I have charged the battery’s and used them at a days skirmish when I return home, can they be left until I need to use them again or do I have discharge them.
  9. Jason sharpe

    Going to Airsoft alone...?

    I have only recently got into Airsoft and I go on my own,But I must say when I go I chat with people to learn about guns,kit etc and find going on your own is just as much fun😀😀
  10. Jason sharpe

    Night Game

    Combat Airsoft Thetford
  11. Jason sharpe

    Night Game

    Need some advice please? Planning to go to my first night game an wondered what additional kit I may need? And looking for recommendations on a Pistol don’t havea budget, early Christmas present from the wife. Thanks
  12. Jason sharpe

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    G&G Raider M4 (desert) Nurpol sling 36,000 BBS RVG forgrip
  13. Jason sharpe

    New to Airsoft wanting some info please.

    I have played my first game at Tuddenham at the weekend and absolutely loved it,I did buy my own eye protection and some gloves before I went which is money well spent.
  14. Jason sharpe

    Played My First Game

    Thanks for the email
  15. Jason sharpe

    Played My First Game

    It makes perfect sense in what your saying,that’s why I joined the forum to get advice. Thanks