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  1. Jason sharpe

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    G&G Raider M4 (desert) Nurpol sling 36,000 BBS RVG forgrip
  2. Jason sharpe

    New to Airsoft wanting some info please.

    I have played my first game at Tuddenham at the weekend and absolutely loved it,I did buy my own eye protection and some gloves before I went which is money well spent.
  3. Jason sharpe

    Played My First Game

    Thanks for the email
  4. Jason sharpe

    Played My First Game

    It makes perfect sense in what your saying,that’s why I joined the forum to get advice. Thanks
  5. Jason sharpe

    Played My First Game

    Thanks for the advice😊😊
  6. Jason sharpe

    Played My First Game

    I can see your point, Being a noob you guys have loads more knowledge than me on AEGS. Thanks for the advice
  7. Jason sharpe

    Played My First Game

    I Thought about the CM16 CQB for my first RIF but then I’m thinking to spend a bit more on a rifle know. Any suggestions?
  8. Jason sharpe

    Played My First Game

    Should of said on my first post I did the taster evening on Saturday for noobs and absolutely loved it, booked up for the 2nd of September and the 7th of October. Just not sure on what rifle to buy got a budget of £250 ish
  9. Jason sharpe

    Played My First Game

    WOW Played my first game at the weekend went to Tuddenham, The guys there were great!!! If you are thinking of starting Airsoft I would definitely recommend it, Looking forward to buying my first rifle a CYMA CM.002 M4 or a G&G ARMAMENT CM16 SRS. Bring on the next game!!!!!!!
  10. Jason sharpe


    Thanks for the advice guys ordered some Mechanix Multi cam Gloves of Amazon for £15.90 👍👍👍
  11. Jason sharpe


    Hi all can anyone recommend a pair of gloves,looking to spend about 20 quid😊
  12. Jason sharpe

    Would Airsoft be bigger in the UK without ukara?

    As I’m new to Airsoft (first game next weekend) I’m happy to rent my rifle to see if I enjoy it,and if so play some more then get my UKARA membership. It hasn’t put me of to get into the sport😀
  13. Jason sharpe

    New player

    Thanks for that I will have a look at hobby king😀
  14. Jason sharpe

    New player

    Thanks for advice,what bbs and battery charger would you recommend
  15. Jason sharpe

    New player

    Hi everyone I am new to Airsoft, got my first game booked up in a couple of weeks time super excited.Once I have got my UKARA membership I was looking at getting a G&G cm16 Raider rifle.I have been looking at various websites but any recommendations for websites would be appreciated. Thanks Jason