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  1. A few buddies and myself are heading down to The Manor form YTA on 1st September. Just wondered if anyone from here will be going? I’ll have 3 or 4 rental noobs with me; though they have actually been to 2 or 3 sites before. I’ll be the SOPMOD wielding guy complaining my back hurts and shouting HIT to excessive levels - if you see me please do say hi and introduce yourself - I want to feel more part of airsoft community!
  2. Thanks for update. Been waiting a while to wait and see. Definitely going to get a game day in for August and hopefully one for September (got young kid) - Just not yet sure if I’ll go here or not. Anyone else got any more updates????
  3. Hi everyone, Always like to spread good vibes when they are due. A couple of weekends ago a stag do group and I attended an open day as part of the stag do activities and really enjoyed ourselves at Shock & Awe along with other people not related to us who attended. The site itself is really good if you like woodland, which the group and myself do. It has a range of features, from named sites such as ‘sniper tower’, ‘village’ and other such areas that are sort of themed in relation to their organisation and type of cover look it provided. It’s quite a large site, split into 2 main areas with one being a bit more open and one being more heavily forested and filled with natural geography. Games and style of play are more smaller style games where you then swap objectives/directions. I think through experience and dedication to tailoring the site they provide a nice balance between fun, action filled games to then also having to use tactics and being a bit realistic- certainly compared to some sites I’ve been at which are more like just paintball silly sites where you just stand and shoot. They had one game I didn’t like where it was every man for himself but this was more I think for the Stag and that there were quite a few first timers who perhaps do not take it quite as seriously as regular players - kudos to the team though who were providing for the needs of the group then! Thought the staff were no-nonsense and to the point. Took safety seriously but didn’t take an age over it like many sites do - they made their point clear and that was that. Marshalling was fine and don’t think there were any cheating going on. Any misdemeanours that occurred were dealt with quickly and more importantly, loudly so everyone could tell it’d been dealt with and wouldn’t make same mistake (issue with a flash bang thrown into wrong area). Thought they fit a lot games into the day and turned games around quite quickly. Better than many sites I’ve been to. Amenities are adequate though not sure how they’d cope with double the numbers we had (approx 25 on game day) - could be they bring more tables and chairs? But there are covered areas for rain and everything I kept locked when out of safe zone. Would certainly go again though it is 200+ miles away from me! Pros: Fairly large site Good terrain Good mix of barricades and man made stuff to suit the geography Play turnarounds spot on Cons: Amenities and safezone could be bigger And more covered - mainly needed for bigger groups some players might want to be less ‘gamesy’ Some more ‘real’- personally thought the mix was a strength!
  4. Hey, So finally recovered from back to back stag dos and got my head right! Firstly, thank you for the quick responses and sound advice. 100% correct and the batteries worked fine. Can I please ask what does an imax charger do that my charger doesn’t? I only used one battery at the day as I spent a lot of time hung over, laying down and getting quite a lot of sneaky one shot kills. I didn’t bother with the last game as I had an inkling that the battery was getting to its ‘bottom end’ and running low so thought better to just take it out and not put other one in. So I have two batteries that were left fully charged and one that was charged and used but not fully depleted - should I charge them all the day before next skirmish?? Do I just keep on charge until light changes and that’ll be fully charged? Is this good for my battery health?? Also so the question I didn’t have time to ask - do LiPos offer the same levels of performance even if not fully charged/ have been used and running to depletion? If not I don’t understand why they’ve become more popular than NimH which certainly seemed safer?? Sorry if asking some stupid questions but I see conflicting information! The site we went to was Shock and Awe in north Wales - will be writing a review soon. Once again, thanks and kindest regards all
  5. Haha 😂 cheers gents! All i I can spell atm... 😂😂
  6. Hi Sorry for the ignorance but just don’t understand all fears and “Do X” with li-po batteries and find it all very confusing. Looking for a quick, basic answer to the following: Firstly context with photos- Not touched my batteries or AEG for that matter since around January. I go on a stag do early Saturday morning and we go to an airsoft site Sunday. I’ve put two batteries on charge tonight (Friday), each one taking less than an hour. One battery had been charged in Jan but not used. One had been charged and not used. Got another battery I haven’t charged tonight and it had been charged and used in January (not to depletion). By charge I’ve kept them on charge until light indicates fully charged (constant green as opposed to flashing). Will I need to stick all batteries again on charge Saturday? Should I have done this whole process differently? I’ve then got questions regarding batteries and AEG performance but don’t really need answers to that yet and I’ve got a stag do to pack for! Many thanks and regards Also P.S I really wish I’d not included my bare-ass legs in those photos 😳🤦🏻‍♂️
  7. Haha leave me alone I was half asleep! 😂
  8. I was on the multi cam side. Had a warrior half plate carrier and a black TM Sopmod
  9. I totally get what you’re saying but one thing I will say about Stirling is that they really know their stuff so 99% of it works really well. Their rules regarding regen work great for the site and means there’s no standing still shooting at each other with no movement. The main reason I was in a building with no one to defend against was down to pure bad luck and we’d sent a strong force elsewhere who weren’t good enough to take their objective but enticed all opposition their way and they didn’t even know we’d taken the objective. Only happened the once because organisers rejigged it and changed tactics meaning we were not in that situation again. There are some who think they are pro and forget its airsoft and then some who plink about when true enough somewhere in the middle is probably what is best. Though I guess same can be said at skirmish sites. The orders I saw and heard were more open and basically just where to attack and when. Occasionally odd odd bit of advice, e.g “use the trench to approach train line...” so had I not been attached to HQ I wouldn’t have felt ordered about or being bossed. Just co-ordinated. Though I totally agree if it’s not done in the right way, I’d have major problems with it. Thank you make sure got plenty of mid caps! You dont even want speed speed loaders on you there from a tactical point of view as you stand out a mile with speedloader rattle! I only had 5 midcaps so had to keep loading after firefights and felt like a right nob! Haha.
  10. I went Stirling weekend before last and really enjoyed it but a lot of it was a bit of an eye opener; especially compared with skirmishes. I would probably recommend a more normal game weekend before trying a combat mission to be honest because even the normal weekends are pretty intense and involves far more complex instructions, rules and gameplay compared to skirmishes. For instance, at one point I stood in a building with rest of my squad to hold it for about an hour without even seeing an opposition player while the other squads on our side attacked other objectives. I am not sure exactly what goes on in the combat missions but the event I went to you had to have radios, follow orders of the HQ squad (if you wanted a chance to be able to successfully take objectives) as the HQ co-ordinate everyone. With so many people it would be chaos without this co-ordination. I think with the combat missions you have to observe checkpoints and gather actual intel like number of opposition, guard duty routines etc to formulate a plan of attack. Basically do all the unseen parts before an attack. Not for everyone and can often sound better than what you might find it or you might enjoy it more than skirmishes! I know lots of people don’t skirmish again and stick with these types of events instead! You dont need to be ‘pro’ to play at these events - just know what objectives you should be on, stick to the general orders issued and basically don’t act like a div who thinks he knows everything and you’ll be fine. Not sure how many people you play with/would go with but if there were approx 6-10 of you, you can really work as a team and approach things how you like just at the right time as prescribed by HQ. As said I’d perhaps do a more normal Stirling event first due to it being more about taking and holding objectives throughout 12 hours+, then try a combat mission which is more complex. The organisers are very good, the marshalling top class, excellent facilities and is normally well subscribed - despite being early March and snowing there was about 120 people there when I went. I get the the general impression that Stirling isn’t particularly well liked on this forum but could be wrong. Some people are scared of the unknown and poo poo stuff without really knowing while others may have being in the wrong and had history yet won’t admit their own actions/faults. The events aren't for everyone- some will love and some will hate and I found myself enjoying it but for reasons that I couldn’t predict and parts I thought I’d love I found weren’t like I imagined - best thing is to book and find out yourself! Hope this lofty reply helps despite the waffle!!!
  11. Thank you. So dials actually move the laser on the element version? Can anyone categorically tell me that the Nuprol ones do or don’t? I’ve got a feeling, due to light also being faulty, that maybe I just have a duff one.
  12. Hi Didn’t see point in starting a new topic. I bought the Nuprol PEQ box and it’s a waste of time - the light doesn’t come on half of the time like it has faulty connection and the red laser doesn’t line up with the sight whatsoever and I’m not convinced the dials move it one iota. Does anyone one have any more specific information on PEQ boxes, perhaps specifically the FMA ones? - Are the lasers adjustable? - light useable and bright enough? - any service problems? Such as the connection issue I’ve had with the Nuprol one or similar? - Whether can have light and laser on at same time? - Also can anyone tell me if it’s green or red lasers that can often be banned at certain sites? For me, the IR isn’t an issue as I’ll never have NV or anything to make any use of it. Thanks in advance and regards,
  13. Legend! Just for clarity and benefit of anyone else wondering - do any M4 mags fit?
  14. Love mine and really rate it. I personally haven’t noticed too much in terms of difference in performance compared to other AEGs - they could hit me and I could hit them. Found most important thing is more how you play in terms of there being any significant difference between myself and another player regardless of what AEG they’re running. Though having said that, I don’t think I’ve got hop up fully set to entirely maximise its potential range. I will say though - the sound it produces is so much better than the other pew pews and you definitely stand out amongst other players running non-recoils. If if you’ve got the money, go for it. If you’re going to over stretch yourself I don’t think it’s the be all and end all. I could have got all my kit and extras with the money saved by buying cheaper but I really wanted the recoil and Sopmod ticks all boxes really. Regards JM Thought I’d ask in here rather than start a new thread as thought potential answer to this Q might help you decide too - Anyone know if you can get non TM Mags for the Sopmod? im sure I read when I was researching which AEG to buy that you can use other mags but it won’t initiate the bolt stop feature meaning you’d fire dry. If this is true which other mags can you use? Got Stirling in March and need more midcaps and wondering if I can get them cheaper than the £22 on the TM ones. Regards JM
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