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  1. This 👌🏻 I have the TM Sopmod and love it but completely agree - smaller is more manoeuvrable and this would totally tip it now in my experience. I’d have gone for a shorter gun if I’d go back now! Ultimately go for which like look of best though because you’ll never regret it in the end
  2. Yeah but don’t want one that needs priming with a rod and with multiple bangs in base but there isn’t one!

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    Hi WANTED - MP5 folding stock to fit onto a JG MP5K. Not bothered about make or style and open to anything that’ll fit! Cant find any to buy from any UK based websites!!!


  4. shame! I really fancy one but I would always play a mix of woodland and CQB and been able to drop onto outside ground is a must for me! try different heights on drop? I managed to get my trmr to set off a few times and developed a bit of a knack of deploying it but never ended up trying it during game and face embarrassment of not firing!
  5. Hi just quick Q as I’m thinking I might do each bit in turn, see what it’s like and then add more if A I’m not ruining the gun through poor workmanship and B looks like I’m actually able to do the work! - can I just change the spring & nothing else and it’ll all fit and work? (Albeit perhaps not optimised)? - but still should be more potent than before? - same question but with the hop rubber? Need to change the hop rubber and the nub at same time?? thanks!
  6. Tested a few bangs yet? I fancy one but heard not that good..? Can’t see how they aren’t - look mint!
  7. I loved using it at HQ airsoft the other week. Cleared rooms so quickly and smoothly. Felt lighter and so maneuverable. Just jammed on semi so often. Also low ROF on both semi and full. Also when it was on crono the FPS was quite low - definitely some kills I would have got but don’t think they felt it! So certainly think it needs a tune but could also be worth it! I’m also going to work on some sort of adaptation of a 3 point sling to get it tight to my body as I plan on using it more often but as a secondary and leave my SOPMOD outside when breaching
  8. You sir, are a legend. Thank you 😊
  9. Hi Great advice - thank you. Yes using 8.4v Niamh with it and checked the hop rubber the other day - seemed ok. Though don’t really know what it’s supposed to look like, feel like etc? Anywhere that you recommend as a place to get the parts from? Just for my understanding - Go for a maple leaf and flat nub to replace the hop. Then a M100 spring and I should see some improvements? Then, perhaps need to sort seals on gearbox, barrel and hop to get the most out of the new spring and hop? Cheers!
  10. Hi - thanks for reply. Yeah, wasn’t used for 15 years I reckon. Any brands or places or sizes I should know about regarding O ring and hop rubber? For the K - by relube (making sure) do you mean the gears? Thanks my Man!
  11. Hi Went last weekend and enjoyed it. The site is very very good - heard a rumour it’s not going to be available much longer so it’s worth getting yourselves there while you can if gossip is true. A lot more woodland style play than what I thought judging by videos and that suited me very well because meant got truly best of both worlds. Staff are good, friendly and fun. Safe zone and lunch very good too. Games are varied and last a good amount of time. However... All windows are open and clear - they use a ‘blue windows’ only can be shot through both in and out. I found this massively spoilt the games. You’d be on ground floor rooms, watching opponents set up a breach, they’d know exactly where you were so they’d rush you and you’d get lit up from 10 different guns. This really spoilt the games for me and meant advantage of being inside was really reduced. NOT HQ’s FAULT THOUGH - they have to content with regular break ins so it’s not like they can board up the windows (also far too many) as they’d be wrecked from one week to the next. They were surprised to find on our game day and entire wall section had been pulled down. Also felt like they needed far more marshals. The ones they had were superb but a site as big as it is needs more, especially inside areas. We had one game spoilt by a team of 4 who basically cheated in various ways and we simply couldn’t get them out. I won’t mention the team but they uploaded a video and at one point you see the camera user get hit, carry on and take out 2 more. They also have footage of shooting through gaps less than the A4 size as prescribed in the rules. I personally liked the challenge of not only beating these but wiping floor with them but it really annoyed about 9 people on my side to point where they sat down and waited til end of game - all this could have been avoided by more marshals. However also on another day this might not happen anyway. Never really knew who won any of the games and never any mention of how the day was panning out - not an issue for some but I like to have a point to each game personally. Some long gaps between games too made us feel we should have had another game included within the day but I find this with most sites anyway. Can’t speak highly enough of the site, the staff and facilities though and would recommend. Pros Site & location Safezone Staff Large numbers Varied games Negs Gaps between games more marshals needed cheaters - if they are regular, probably not Last note - an all day, objectives day Like what they do at Proving Grounds would be AMAZING at this site.
  12. Hi, So I’ve got a 18+ year old Tokyo Mauri MP5 and took it out for a skirmish last weekend with new batteries and a bit of a clean. It actually does ok! However it was only around 230fps on .20g bbs, it’s range quite short at around 30m max and it’s ROF significantly less than other people’s AEGs. I’m no techie whatsoever but I’m a PE teacher and I think I’m going to have a lot of time on my hands when schools inevitably close so thinking of learning! What would be worth doing on it to get some improvements? OR WOULD COST END UP BEING SAME/MORE AS A NEW AEG? Would like to turn it into a hard hitting CQB weapon but site I often go to is outside and CQB so getting new motor for increases ROF would also be beneficial. I’m actually assuming the hop rubber is ok as it was always looked after anyway. —————- Tech advice needed ——- JG MP5K- picked this up for next to nothing and loved size for indoor CQB so I want to persist with this. However - 1) It regularly got stuck while in semi - pulled trigger and nothing. Put onto full auto, burst, cleared, back to semi and worked. Any ideas on how to solve this? Take it is something to do with gears not fully turned? 2) Fire selector switch was loose so I tightened it. Lent it to a mate during the day and he’s lost the switch - any innovative or bright ideas to do more than tighten screw so it doesn’t fall off again when I replace it? Any ideas for a cool replacement that’s not gonna cost me £12 to get a new one? 3) Is it worth doing internals on it? Same sort of stuff suggested and needed as with TM one above??? Many thanks all for any input. Regards
  13. Hi Finally getting to go on 8th March - anyone going? Can anyone tell me anymore about game types and how the day in general pans out? Personally, from videos of the site would love to seem roaming objectives like at Proving Grounds and Sterling events but from what I hear it’s fairly standard skirmish games.
  14. Hi all *** can’t work out how to turn to RED on phone **** QUESTIONS: 1) Do very old (15 years old) Tokyo Mauri MP5 mags fit newer MP5k’s? Thinking specifically the Jing Gong make. 2) I’m sure years ago you could buy a new front end for MP5k’s that had a light and a laser - Anywhere still sell these? (Initial searches for MP5K accessories come up very short). ——- also it’ll be a non ris version. 3) ICS L85 - says Stanag for the mags - do all mags fit? Including Box mags?? Also do TM recoil M4 mags fit? Thanks!!!
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