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  1. Had a gas grenade thrown at me once, can’t remember exact make but one of the widely sold ones and I didn’t even know it had gone off. Saw some bbs randomly fly around and didn’t feel if any of them hit me, couldn’t see where grenade landed so had no idea whether to take the hit or not. After 3 seconds of thinking, I didn’t take it (normally do when in doubt) because quite frankly if anything is so shit as an impact on the game I ain’t missing out on playing for it!!! Can recommend TRMR blank firing ‘nade, especially with multishot base.
  2. Ive been messing around with it today again and the cut in half (across) rubber dot works an absolute beast. So to be fair it’s easy fix. Obviously losing the dot thing would be a problem. Once I’ve played on Sunday and then had some time to get inventive and come up with a solution (if I don’t do the Shims concept) I’ll post and let you know.
  3. Thanks for help! Ive got a temporary solution in that I got a rubber sticky dot from my lad’s toy box lid and reduced it by half, stuck it to bottom of the Mike and it’s works! I had a panic because I wanted it to use for Sunday’s first game back! I’m going to do what you’ve said though and add shims! Thanks!
  4. Ah yeah I get you. Will have a look thanks! A mate has just suggested a small piece of sticky rubber (like the dots you get to stop Wooden drawers etc from banging) Onto the Mike’s bottom so then it pushes more? Reckon that could be worth looking at? Do you know what the small circle shape is for on the bottom of the mike firing pin is for? Obviously not for filling with gas because that’s the other end. Reckon ok to be covered?
  5. Ah brill. To be honest very relieved that hadn’t got a dud Mike as thought might have problems returning it when the stickers had all been scratched from the tube. I thought maybe can I stick something to the metal that juts out when pull M203 trigger? So it pushed the mike more. But risky because it could cause it to go off when loading the mike into the m203? How difficult was it to sort yours? I have zero confidence in my diy ability
  6. Ok so tested the Master Mike and it works! Just the launcher doesn’t press the fire button at the back properly. Need to take back to shop and try different launcher or anyone got any ideas on how to make it work!?
  7. Hi all, Attached photo for reference. So bought S&T mini launcher M203 and a Master Mike from two separate shops. Master Mike I’ve read ‘works in all launchers’. it’s a very tight fit and as can see from photo it’s taken the stickers off the Mike. It fits just about in, pull the trigger and just a bit of gas comes out the front at a relatively slow rate. What am I doing wrong or don’t the two work together!!!?! Please help! Could it be the gas I’m using? Video added for what’s happening and photo of gas. I think maybe it is not pressing the fire pin in hard enough or further in enough? IMG_2776.MOV
  8. Might be the case. Having one more go and then if still doesn’t work gonna ask for quotes for a techie having a look but can’t see me wanting to pay their price
  9. Thanks 🙅🏻‍♂️ QUESTION - anyone used the tech services at bombupairsoft?? Problems or recommendation? https://bombupairsoft.co.uk/products/airsoft-weapon-service
  10. Saw and immediately thought EG but website is so annoying to navigate! Can’t even see if they do thunders and bb ‘nades!?
  11. Hi QUESTION - Where’s a good place to get bulk mixed pyro?? Can’t find anywhere Uk based other than https://www.fire-support.co.uk/product/battle-box-woodland-small-box and they are all sold out thanks
  12. Anyone know of any sites who do night games up north? Particularly Yorkshire
  13. I’ve never understood it and been butt of jokes since being a teenager! I stand by the merit of never smelling though! Good old Lynx Africa 😂Just always... damp. Grey T’s are a no go for me.
  14. Flexibility for me! Get cramp while laid down in shooting position for too long. Over eagerness to get kills can sometimes cost me due to my competitive nature... means I spearhead forward early and get surrounded when other teammates don’t follow me or catch me up I also sweat a lot and that leads to fogging but nowt to being overweight. I’m just a sweaty bastard and sweat sat down doing nowt
  15. Would very much like to see a snippet of footage! 👌🏻
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