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  1. Why not just shoot up the speedsofter?
  2. Ahh never used it for airsoft before only coins and signed football cards:(
  3. I used like mymallbox 3 times using promo codes and basically cost me next to nowt with referral and bonus shipping codes. I had multiple items sent and they repackaged them for me cheaply. If anyone wants a referral let me know and I'll send a link I think you get 5$ off shipping.
  4. I wear a pair of impact rated bolles glasses underneath a mesh eye guard that fits over them for maximum protection so that the mesh takes the brunt and any bits that get thri7gh get stopped by the bolles.
  5. Okay thanks for this I want to keep the fps at about 330-350 at 0.2 but I will be firing 0.25 normal and tracer rounds. So 60 degree bucking? I measured the barrel roughly last night from the tip to the hop up it's about 290-300 mm as im not sure exactly where the back of the barrel stops and starts in the hop up. I have at least 5mm to play with inside my barrel extension so could get a 295mm and possibly a 300mm but not 100%. I did email ak24m and he said about 10 days for the yellow maple leaf which is fine as im.going on holiday anyway. Do you think that a zci barrel and maple leaflet bucking and nub would make a reasonable performance difference?
  6. Thanks for that I've been looking around and obviously as a budget build im thinking maybe zci 6.02mm 300mm inner barrel. I've looked at Rhopping and I think it's beyond me. Is settle for a maple leaf one but no idea which to get? Indoor mostly 10-40m ranges I guess. With some outdoor to in and in to outdoor defend the base type games thrown in. How complicated is it to replace the hop up unit? I've never worked on an aeg before only chsnged my outer barrel extension and battery! Edit typically il be using 0.25bbs
  7. Hi guys looking to find the best starter upgrades for my aks74u cm045b, I want to increase accuracy, range etc using 0.25bbs I will primarily be using this for cqb . Upgrades so far; lipo 7.4v 30c 1450mha battery Sling MB 2" Ext Barrel extension Acetech tracer Next? Hop up? RHop? 6.03 barrel 300mm? 368mm barrel?
  8. Not exactly in range. At that point I was using non tracers as it was still light and I moved onto tracers a couple of hours later.
  9. Yeah I felt like support lol. It was windy so they were going all over. I was using the 0.25 blasters from ebay:) for 13.99
  10. L Played outdoor game in just my second airsoft experience last night. The guy said we'll play 2 games make sure you have enough ammo take 500-1000 bbs... I used 950 bbs in the first 30 minutes and had to take a 20 minute walk back to my car to pick up more befire the second round. In all I burned through about 6000 bbs in about 5 hours of which obly a small proportion of time we were in 'contacts'... In other news, where can I buy cheap 0.25 tracer bbs?
  11. Yesterday I had a quarry game from 5pm till 1am out in the open 20vs 20 by half way through I'd retracted my stock and used it from there with tracer rounds. I like the option to do both.
  12. I've folded my aks74u stock before when inside doing can because it was easier in some instances
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