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  1. For my pistol and new Evo I use the OLight PL1 II Valkyrie. Pretty solid little torch after numerous drops, takes CR123A batteries too.
  2. Hi all, have a CM Raider that’s not been out the box in a while. Chrono’d and it’s hitting about 235 FPS on 0.25s. Not clued up on springs so any suggestions what would bring it more to the limit?
  3. To be honest; most TM pistols will perform the same, just different aesthetics. I have my WE G17 and love it to bits. Had it almost two years, never had an issue with it, never had mags leak etc etc, it’s always been reliable. But go to a game/shop, have a feel at the other pistols and see what is comfortable in your hands and go through there
  4. Looking for a Handguard for an MP5 AEG that can accommodate a battery for a front wired MP5. It’s an ASG/B&T MP5 that’s dirt cheap and fun to run with when I’ve ditched my Krytac. After getting in contact with multiple sellers on ebay and the likes, they’ve came back and said the hand guards don’t have battery space as they’re more for rear wired MP5’s. Example of what I’m looking for; http://www.patrolbase.co.uk/airsoft-outer-barrel-ris-rail-systems-hand-guards/cyma-mp5-ris-rail-hand-guard-kit-black.htm#.WuHdSCLTWEc If anyone can advise what would work, id really appreciate it. 😁
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