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  1. Wow..........That is just...wow. But I gotta ask. What are conkers?
  2. Daaaaaamn...That's heart breaking. https://www.facebook.com/groups/514863285579817/ This is our airsoft group. There is also Airsoft Nova Scotia and a bunch of other groups.
  3. The group I mostly play with plays on my friend's private property, he owns his own island. The local police know our playing schedules and times. Has everything marked off, no trespassing signs. They are cool as hell with it and as long as we don't cause parking problems we're golden.
  4. Haha. Its all good lol. Airsoft here is expensive as sh*t. The M200 cost me almost 900 dollars. The airsoft scene here is pretty well developed. Here in Nova Scotia there's like 6-7 groups. We all meet up for huge games and randomly throughout the year for skirmishes and battles. We have everything from the n00b airsofter to the ex/currently military guys who go all out with the best gear. We had local police show up at a game one day and the officer actually thought airsoft was pretty neat and wanted to get some of his cop friends together to make a team and join us.
  5. Nova Scotia, Canada. The orange tip shows that this gun was imported from the United States. I'm going to be repainting the orange shortly. And as for the "her" "she...Old habits die hard. I'm ex Royal Canadian Navy and we referred to our ships as "her".
  6. Say hello to my little friend. This is "Punishment" This is the 6mm ProShop M200. 17 lbs of awesomeness. Going to be putting "Punishment" through her paces this Sunday Feb. 11th. I started off airsofting about 15-16 years ago and bought myself a Swiss Arms sniper rifle, and did more "Ground Pounder" roles as I got more into airsoft, but now I've decided to go back to the role of sniping. The M200 I bought yesterday, and will be my primary rifle except for fields where I can't snipe and when I'm doing CQB I'll be using my Robinson Arms XCR. Where's my fellow snipers out there?
  7. Thanks for the welcome, eh...ya hoser! Now how aboot we eat sum poutine and watch some hockey?
  8. This is my most recent purchase. I finally caved. I vowed I'd never ever buy myself a sidearm for my loadout as I'd never use it enough to validate having it. Well I was nothing but wrong. I bought this KWC Desert Eagle about a week or so ago and gamed it for its first time this past Sunday. With my sniper rifle having gone down due to the cold weather, and I wanted to save as much battery power on my XCR I had brought I mostly used the Desert Eagle and she handled herself outstandingly in battle. Her performance has changed my mind and I'm now "Pro Sidearm", and I'm actually buying another Desert Eagle because I don't want it to be lonely.
  9. "Rockstar" reporting for duty. I've been playing airsoft for quite some time, but had to put airsoft on the back burner for awhile due to life stuff but hoping to get more active in 2018. I've gotten to meet a lot of great people through airsoft and always enjoy the various forums I'm registered on and seeing the products out there. I am not tech savvy at all so its nice to see what people are doing with their guns. Hoping to enjoy my time on this forum. I started off airsofting sniping but wanted to do more ground pounding, but Ive been finding myself slipping back into the sniper role.
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