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  1. Awesome, thanks for the advice, much appreciated!
  2. Bought myself a chrono so I could understand where I was at, average 261 fps. Can anyone suggest upgrades to get up into the 300-340 mark? Should I start with the spring, or am I better off addressing sealing issues withe cylinder etc? Although over 10 shots the diff between min and max was no more than 9fps.
  3. Has anyone had any experience with these guys? Ordered a genuine British army UBAC and the one that turned up had no NATO label and was missing the velcro patch covers. Contacted them about the problem and was asked to send over pictures, it seemed I'd been sent a copy instead by accident? He suggested he could send over the covers in the post with a 20% discount, or arrange to swap for the genuine article. I asked for the genuine article as that's what I really wanted. The velcro covers turned up yesterday and I've been trying to contact him about the swap but heard nothing since!!
  4. rounduk

    Gas Advice..?

    When I was at the Mall this Sunday my KSC G18C dumped gas if I tried to get any more zealous than a few rapid shots, I did try some Nuprol black gas for the last game that a friendly chap called Craig (I hope?) lent me and it seemed better (but still did a dump). Is it just too cold in there to be quick on the trigger, or is there a preferred gas for really cold environments?
  5. First little job done, I had an inline fuse and a tamiya to deans converter - I get the feeling there was some resistance here, the fuse was glowing on rapid single shot! It's all gone now and a deans soldered on - amazing the difference in trigger response...wow!
  6. So I am looking at potential upgrades to my CA M15A4 - it's quite an old AEG, probably purchased around 2003/2004, its the one that came with the correct Armalite markings. My first plan is to change up my 8.4v batteries for some 9.2v - I always remember the guy advising a beefier battery when I first bought it, I can't remember why though?! Although using it this weekend the current crane 8.4v I bought when I changed stock seemed to run sluggish, especially when I trying to hammer out some single shot! I experienced some trigger lock up too, but i think that's because I was probably short pulling. Can anyone recommend some suitable upgrades and the order I should address them? I want to improve the rifle a bit, but keep it suitable for playing at places like The Mall (so under 340?) I am not sure of how good these CA units were out of the box... Thanks!
  7. LOL, I like your style :-D I was the dude that asked where the bumming room was :-D
  8. Yellow...what was worse is that in the second game I snuck round a corner and was point blank with a guy, I said “I am not shooting you as I feel a bit harsh, he was cool, i’ll give you that” and took the hit.....the door frame guy wasn’t in the same camp :-D Did you have a pig hanging from your belt? Think I saw you in the spawn towards the end of the last game, I was dude trying to get a primer out of a TRMR! (Bloody thing!)
  9. Poked my hand through a door frame today and got a pistol shot point blank in the wrist.... hurt like feck :-D
  10. rounduk

    KSC Glock 18C

    Just looking about it would appear that the G17 barrel is the same dimensions as the 18C but without the cut outs (gas compensation in the real gun). So my thinking is I can pop a G17 outer barrel in with the metal slide.
  11. rounduk

    KSC Glock 18C

    Oh bugger, yes!
  12. rounduk

    KSC Glock 18C

    Found this complete set for 33USD - sounds too good to be true?! http://airsoft.tiger111hk.com/product_info.php?products_id=36724 I think this is what i really need to source... http://www.cobraairsoft.com/product_info.php?products_id=353 ?
  13. rounduk

    KSC Glock 18C

    Ahhh, yeah that's how I've been overcoming it at the moe...will continue! Do you know of any good sources for parts etc rdb? (shame Rainbow don't seem to list a marked slide, only blank) I am hankering after a metal slide and outer barrel... I've also not had much luck looking on UK sites for additional mags?
  14. rounduk

    KSC Glock 18C

    Cheers dude, interesting as I was talking to a mate down the pub last night and he mentioned he used to just import stuff direct! I'll have a browse on that site! Out of curiosity, is it possible to make the slide return spring any stronger without adverse affect? The Safariland holsters have a habit of pushing the slide back when popping them back in.
  15. rounduk

    KSC Glock 18C

    Morning all, I have an early KSC Glock 18C, it's the version with all the correct trade marks etc. Was at Socom Tactical yesterday and enquired about possible metal slide upgrades, he mentioned they are quite difficult to gets parts for now? Any suggestions on places to find bits for them? I don't really want to replace it as it works fine and shoots well! Cheers!
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