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    Anyone got a cheap rear sight to fit a raider 20mm rail and line up with the front fixed sight? Lost my own as I was running a x4 scope for a while but its no good for CQB 😥 Just a cheapo replacement as long as its black !!

    5.00 GBP

  2. This deffo fit a G&G raider my man ?

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    2. Aengus


      not arrived yet but I should be able to tell you if it fits a predator by later today or tomorrow.

    3. just.shoot.me


      mine is a bog standard raider L 1.0

    4. Aengus


      fits perfectly on mine. As long as you have aeg spec threads on you're upper you;ll be set. Just need to find another one mate!



      Sorry ❤️

  3. just.shoot.me

    www.inyoursights.co.uk any reviews ?

    Only 3 months later...lol gotta love a slow burner
  4. just.shoot.me

    www.inyoursights.co.uk any reviews ?

    It is good to see a UK based company selling solid accessories at a competitive price..the only other one I've come across so far is http://www.bullseyecountrysport.co.uk
  5. just.shoot.me

    Bullseye Country Sport

    Bought a grip from them..again good product, very cheap & delivered very quickly.
  6. just.shoot.me

    www.inyoursights.co.uk any reviews ?

    Thanks for the reply..I went ahead and ordered from them - 4x32 acog type thingy & yes, to be fair it was a great scope for the money. All the dials did what they should, it held the zero, sight was well lit...can't ask for any more for £40 !!!
  7. just.shoot.me


    Great guy...good comms..10/10 would certainly buy off again
  8. just.shoot.me


    10/10 - great guy, great comms...product was a1 condition as new - recommended !!!
  9. just.shoot.me

    www.inyoursights.co.uk any reviews ?

    hopefully its one of their 4x32 acog type scopes..shouldnt have that issue (fingers crosed !)
  10. just.shoot.me

    www.inyoursights.co.uk any reviews ?

    Many thanks for getting back to me - scopes under 100 quid are so hit and miss it's good to get 1st hand feedback
  11. just.shoot.me

    www.inyoursights.co.uk any reviews ?

    Hi all..I just noticed a website https://www.inyoursights.co.uk have any of you purchased any of their sights at all ? Reason I'm asking is that they do seem relatively good money, with a decent customer service / returns service. Anyone have any experiences to know whether it is decent value or is it just rebranded Chinese 'roll the dice' tat ? Many thanks in advance !!!