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  1. Time Left: 5 days and 22 hours

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    Hi all, These are some of the best magazines i've owned, but no longer used, they're incredibly hard to find and they are the best quality in my opinion. They're in excellent, fully working condition. Please note that each of the 6x black magazines as been slightly modified to fit in my HK 416 (earlier version), before the magwell shape was fixed for the A5 variant, please see pictures. They still fit the normal M4 magwell without any issues. At one point it I sprayed then removed paint from the tan magazine. 6x Black (modified for HK 416), £30 each. 1x Tan (non-modified), £30. Can send photos if needed. Postage is £4 tracked and signed for with Hermes. I'll cover PayPal fees. Thanks.


  2. Time Left: 6 days and 2 hours

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    Have had this on a 'Zev Tech' build, it has been fired but it's mainly been a display piece. Its Guns Modify so pretty much the best frames there are in my opinion, its been lightly sanded flat on the top to ensure that the slide cycles perfectly. I've left the mag release on as it's perfect for the scallop cut on the frame. Currently £51 + shipping + import duties + royal mail 'handling' charge (Grrrrr), if you buy from rainbow8. I recon about £70-80 this way (which is what it cost me). https://www.rainbow8.com/collections/glock-series/products/gunsmodify-polymer-gen-3-rtf-frame-for-marui-g-series-s-style-black I'm looking for £50 inc. postage. PayPal only please. Let me know if you need any further pictures. Thanks.


    Gloucester - GB

  3. Was always amused that the Army classified the Browning 9mm as an 'area' weapon system. Which puts it in the same category as a mortar.... Short barrelled weapons are exceptionally tricky to master without training, echo the point that pistol marksmanship has always been second rate in the Army....
  4. Time Left: 4 days and 1 hour

    • Wanted
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    Looking to see if anyone is looking to offload any of these slides / parts. Interested in all parts, particularly the PTS Zev Prizefighter kit and PTS Zev black 'dimpled' outer barrel. Also magwell, mag release etc. Also interested in Nova or Detonator Zev slides. Money waiting! Thanks.




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    Hi all going through the parts box and needing to raise some money for a new build! Sold items are lined through.New items for sale:£10 - Guns Modify 125% steel G17 recoil rod, titanium nitride colour.£10 Guarder steel SAI style G17 recoil rod, silver colour. £10 - Guarder steel SAI style G17 recoil rod, black colour.£20 - Guns Modify aluminium SAI outer barrel for TM G17, titanium nitride colour.£5 each - 2 for sale - Guns Modify extended slide stop for TM G-series pistols, black colour.£5 Maple Leaf 1911/Hi-Cappa hop wheel Light use items for sale:£40 - Guns Modify G17 frame with PTS Freya magwell installed (would be about £30 for each item).£20 - APS/Secutor Gladius G17 hop unit and inner barrel, this is Tokyo Marui spec.http://www.secutorarms.com/gladius/36-secutor-gladius-01-bronze.html£2.50 each - 2 for sale - Magpul PTS ranger plates Tan/Coyote colour. Happy to send additional pictures on request. I'll cover PayPal fees, buyer pays postage with Royal Mail Second Class signed for (about £2 for flat envelopes, £4 for small parcel), this can be agreed based on the order.Thanks for looking!


  6. I use the APS co2 mags which are awesome, but a pain to refill mid game....
  7. I've never heard of that one! I suppose the hot water is 'refreshing' the rubber seals... If it works, it works!
  8. These were a selection of mags I got second hand, so were in various states of repair, gas tightness! Would love to learn about the hot water trick though....
  9. ....feeling righteous! Nothing more really, but a satisfying couple of hours work 😀 Especially two battered and stubbornly leaky extended TM Glock mags, now working like a charm. Also installed 5 of these bad boys, really great quality! https://shop.jkarmy.com/jdg-floyds-licensed-magazine-extension-pad-for-tm-we-glk-model-functional-gas-bbs-rds.html Happy Christmas!
  10. Not a fan of those Octarms rails either, I bought one for a project and got rid.....
  11. Time Left: 1 day and 4 hours

    • For sale
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    http://www.boomarms.com/shop/item.cfm?id=PA-COMP-19X-FDE&curr_code=USD I had a punt on this, but doesnt seem compatible with non-Umarex Glock lower frames (all mine are TM based). Item is good quality and it fits well with the stock Glock uppers. Arrived yesterday from Boom Arms, brand new. £25 all in.


    , Gloucester

  12. I need to replace some TM Glock magazine output valves, at £20 a pop 😳, just wondered if anyone had used the Nine Ball ones and if the performance gain was worth it!!! https://www.airsoftzone.co.uk/high-bullet-valve-neo-r-for-marui-gas-blowback-mp7a1-nine-ball-laylax.html I probably wont buy these, but curious really.... Cheers.
  13. I've had this as my project for over a year now, i decided i wanted to be able to scratch build a GBB pistol that can handle CO2, i'm an SAI fan boi so that was the focus. It will be my secondary for skirmishing so needed to be robust. I've learned a lot by doing it (mainly it can be expensive....), getting to grips with things like trigger bar adjustment etc. and perfecting parts from different manufacturers and the necessary adjustments needed. Its defo been worth it, shoots like a dream! Parts list is too numerous but, mainly Guns Modify steel components and stippled lower frame, got a GM zero hammer in the blow back unit with alu nozzle and Poseidon valve. The slide is an Evike/EMG licensed steel SAI slide and barrel which is phenomenal quality. For mags i'm using APS CO2 ones and the SBAL is a clone from Wish which is surprisingly good! Its heavy, but i prefer that.... the WAR Sport comp is for eye candy(!)... Hope you like, let me know if I can help you out with your own build. 🙂
  14. That, foregrip looks familiar - looks ace m8!
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