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  1. Your a legend, don’t know why I didn’t spot that, probably because I was too close to the situation, when it comes to trying again with a different one I’ll keep my eye out! Excuse the puns
  2. So I tested again it’s fine with the magnifier wound all the way down, but I’m assuming that to get the x4 you have to wound it up, soon as I do that the dot ghosts! So I think while I’m in the stage of a newbie, and buying things to actually get my ass to skirmishes I’ll send it back and comeback to it at a later date!
  3. They do look mint, nope mk1 eyeball is in perfect health, I’ll have a fiddle tonight if it’s not too dark by the time I’m back
  4. Snap definitely sending it back if you got it for half ha ha, I’d just moved it back in that pic as I had had it a lot closer! Maybe it was the failing light I’m not sure! ill try try an upload a pic of it later, I didn’t want to send it back as I was hoping for the best of both worlds, but I may just use the red dot for cqb and my acog and a 45 degree battle site for general skirmishes, I just don’t like to quit on things I buy so easily!
  5. I have mate yes, this only clears the view up but then still has the occasional ghosting, I thought £120 for site was a good price but obviously if I want better buy the real thing ha ha
  6. Can anyone give me any pointers about setting up this configuration as it just seems to ghost a lot?! I’ve zeroed the 511 at 50m (there abouts) and adding the magnifier works well there’s no difference in aiming point but the dot is blurring, is there a distance I’m supposed to space them out or am I just missing something! cheers gents
  7. Cheers for that mark, I ended up getting a warrior set up, though it will need some custom work doing as I’d of preferred the recon rig with its ease of putting on an off but got a deal on the dcs rig, so sowing machines at the ready! Because like many before me I have too have everything before I enter the arena as I like to look Gucci as!! So from what your saying I don’t need pouches for like admin and speed loaders and unmagged bb’s just water and ammo? Sam
  8. Soon as I grab one I’ll let the world know chief
  9. New to Airsoft, which is obvious and I hail from Sheffield, spent many moons in the forces but can’t be bothered with being shot at by 7.62’s any more so thought I’d give this a shot, just trying to purchase the gear right now as all ex army will tell you, 90% of the battle is looking alley as sin! Got my eyes on a WE EX-S Px4 bulldog as a side arm and an ICS CXP APE as a primary, load out wise im undecided between the lbx 0300 and a condor lightweight tactical! Well its dadt o'clock I’ve been up all night researching, so look forward to waking up and chin wagging!
  10. New to Airsoft but was in the army for many moons, I was just wondering if anyone’s got any first hand info on the lbx or condor vests as I’m unsure which to go for... cheers
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