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  1. Long shot but anybody here have experience with computers? 


    Upgraded PC today but it won't load Windows as It's AMD > Ryzen. Will need to format my SSD and reinstall windows on it.


    Problem is when I try and boot from either the windows installation disc or a bootable USB it completes 'loading files' and black screens. My keyboard lights shut down too.


    Not sure what to do at this point. 

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    2. Musica


      it might not be the GPU but that is where I would start.


      remount it all and if no luck you need to either test another gpu in that system or your gpu in another system.


    3. Gepard


      Don't want to jinx myself but ive made progress with the PC..


      It no longer black screens at all in any menu. I can get to the Windows installation part but my keyboard and mouse shut down. From what I gather this is a USB 3 - Windows 7 issue.


      I'm downloading Windows 10 on a bootable USB and am going to see if this changes things. You can still use Win7 keys to activate Win10 right?

    4. Musica


      you can install windows 10 without a key you can skip that part. I'd try your key but it might not work

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