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  1. The LED on my CompM4 replica isn't lighting up when the dial is turned. Cleaned the contacts and tried with a fresh AA and nothing. 


    So I'm guessing it's an electrical problem. Does anybody know if it's fixable or do I have an expensive paperweight right now? 

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    2. Gepard


      I don't own one unfortunately, but I think I remember how to use it :lol:

    3. Prisce


      Firstly, you’ll need one of them, a cheap one will do, only really need it for continuity and possibly voltage measurement. 


      Youll have to see if power is getting to the LED, if it is, the LED is dead and a new one needs soldering in. If it isn’t, you need to go through each component till you find where the power gets too. 


      It may sound difficult, but it really isn’t, just take your time, methodically go from the battery to furthest point and work your way in at both ends till you find where the issue is.

    4. Gepard


      Cheers, I'll put on on order 

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