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  1. Up all night putting the gearbox back together and assembling the AK. Watched a lot of videos and learned a lot this night!


    I'm probably going to replace the stripped gear with SHS 13:1 and correct the AOE but will I need anything else for the gun to run smoothly?



    1. AK47frizzle


      ahaha I did this when I was 14. Get lots of shims. Lots. Of all sizes. A lot of the quietness and smoothness comes from shimming. A good piston seal is great too but not mandatory. My m4 is genuinely quieter than some of the sniper rifles on the field ahaha.

    2. johnnyj


      What make is the gearbox ? , most v3 box's are bomb proof . look at your switch and trolley while your in the box as they can wear out or burn out with none fet'ed guns. 

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