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    GMR style loadout: jpc with minimap and elastic cummerbund, airframe, m frames, random camos
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  1. Let me know how it is once you’ve used it, Im interested in getting one
  2. Nice, are the other ones artkis? Also, where do you get the aor crye from?
  3. This looks like a 6094. If its a replica then they wont have used it. But if it was made by LBT then its a very nice carrier (maybe look for a label there might be one). If its real Idk if usmc use it, but Im pretty sure devgru use it
  4. Got a ptw crane stock from someone, but without a butt plate If you have a ptw crane stock buttplate you want to get rid of, Im looking to buy one so please message me
  5. Got a new box of hexmags for my systema ptw, cant wait to test them out, they look and feel great
  6. Just got a systema ptw with a geissele rail in a trade
  7. I use a element m3x on an offset mount on my systema and its low profile and doesnt get in the way when transitioning between shoulders. Plus its pretty bright too
  8. Hi, I don't have much experience with AKs, but I'd probably say the Tokyo Marui recoil shock Ak series Also, the new g&g AKs look quite good and are more modernised externally. I believe they also have ETUs (electronic trigger unit) hope this helps
  9. Hi, I understand that you seem to really like bullpup type rifles. But if you're buying your first rifle, I'd suggest an m4/ar platform for a few reasons. -they are easier to upgrade and solve problems on, most techs can work on them -they have endless customization options to make the rifle personal and perfect for your use -finally, many manufacturers make different versions at different price ranges, so you can easily find something to fit your budget Obviously you dont have to listen to me, but its just a suggestion
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