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  1. Airsoft forum against immature knobs is brilliant
  2. Hi Ian, Great Guide, I was just wanting to clarify as an u18 is it illegal for my to own and use a RiF airsoft gun or should I keep it as two-tone.
  3. These? https://www.socomtactical.net/asg-ultrair-lubrication-co2-cartidges-(5-pack)
  4. Thanks, will get some silicon oil then
  5. Hi, My friend's brother was selling his co2 pistol spare mag and lots of co2 cartridges for CHEAP so I purchased them off of him, I've had a fun time blasting shoots down the garden and so its shoot many bbs today alone, towards the end I noticed the slide getting stuck and I think that this might be because it hasn't be cleaned and lubed for a while. Does es this sound likely or is it something else? If it is this can someone tell me how to clean it (I know how to take it apart) and what I should do. Thanks for reading, Sam
  6. Hi, Recently I have got a tokio marui spas 12 that shoots around 300 ish fps and I was wondering what weight bb's people recommend me using. Thanks.
  7. Hi all, I am looking to start airsoft and I am looking to start a shotgun loadout as I have heard they are an affordable way to get into airsoft. I am under 18 so do not have UKARA and so two-tone is neccesary. My Budget is around £100 for the whole loadout including gun and face protection. If possible can some people give me ideas and tips on how to start and possibly links to good equipment. I already have some camouflage uniform and boots from doing CCF with my school. Thanks.
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