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  1. Thanks guys - new to this and it’s my first time taking it to bits. I’ve got someone coming to sort it out so all sorted now - Thanks guys
  2. Thanks it worked - but now something had dropped out and I dont know where from :((((
  3. I have tried hammering it but it’s very stiff (barely moved at all) should I just try harder?
  4. Hi guys I need to some. Trying to change the spring on my P&J CM.070 and can’t get the gearbox out. Think it may be the safety holding it in? But the screw head is warn. Not sure if the pin above the trigger is removable or not? Tried watching YouTube tutorials but none for this specific gun. Any help much appreciated Thanks
  5. If I'm picturing that right, would it block any field of vision?
  6. Thanks for you help, but I too am a very hot sweaty person, so I think thermal lenses option by valken may be a better choice for me cheers
  7. Hmm, I may have to rethink then, fogging up is my main issue too. The Valken Vtac Zulu glasses with thermal lenses will probably suit me best in this case, because I'd wear face pro with them too, thanks for that mate
  8. Hi all, I'm just wanting to know people's thoughts on military issue Revision Sawfly glasses. Found a pair online £34. (3 changeable lenses) Certified to ANSI Z87.1 - tried to find the answer online but everything is a bit vague, Are these suitable for airsoft? Anyone recommend these? Thanks for your help
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