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  1. ahh - what a coincidence ... i had no idea
  2. ahh - what a coincidence... i had no idea
  3. I just typed "can my parent buy me an airsoft gun" to google and clicked 5th link
  4. the reason people discuss these stuff in forums is keeping a record of previous talks and ideas so people like you can come afterwards and read it all. That is why there are pinned topics in every thread, I mean no disrespect but you should first read those threads before asking questions. Your first entry is a new thread that basically means you have not read anything or asked any questions on any topic yet, you just popped up and want people to explain you the stuff that has been discussed many times around the forum.
  5. The MOST common injury in Airsoft is ankle twist. So get a proper boots with ankle support, even if he gives up from sport and never plays again, he might still use it in future so a decent buy would never be a waste. As you are not sure if he is going to like or not, i wouldnt say get Dye facepro for now, I think full face mesh mask would do the job for couple of games but even before that, you should take him to games and let him try couple different type of guns (rentals include face protection so you dont have to get expensive gear until you make sure he IS going to play the game). Maybe he is a Mp5 or AK lover, rather than M4 platform that most beginners get, you dont know yet... Also, getting a camo trouse and a tshirt can get him excited, it's all looks anyways.
  6. All I needed was that, 1 person who had good experiences to convince me because I love how that thing looks ! Well, I am back on to TM M92F !! Thank you @Shizbazki , appreciated mate ! just found it on wolf armories but the mags man - ohh the mags!! 30quid each ffs :/
  7. Thank you all guys, I will definitely consider second hand TM G17 appreciated for the ideas !
  8. Hi guys, I have been looking for a side arm for a while (I've never had one yet) and what I came across is the options and budget is so unbalanced. You just cannot decide what to get when it comes to pistol. I thought getting a KJW because of metal frame but then everyone says "get TM no matter what, reliability-accuracy etc is undeniably better than everything else", then I pulled my eye around looking for a TM even though plastic feel (again, I might be completely wrong, never tried any pistol before) My favourite real-steel pistol is Beretta so I started looking for one and found TM M92F which looks great. ( pistol mags are super expensive btw, £26 min for each, seriously? ) Is there any users of this fella and what are their thoughts? If I decide on that model, it will be at least £150 investment on pistol + 2 mags btw Also please feel free to suggest any other GBB pistol you fancied except 1911 (I just cannot like how that thing looks, sorry Hi-Capa fans) http://www.zerooneairsoft.com/product_info.php?products_id=1891 - this is the link to the pistol I am talking for lazy Googlers
  9. I am sure there are lot of people who are more experienced than myself but these are my humble thoughts from my almost 2 years of on/off airsofting experience. So, I've tried these; 1)Full face mesh mask - Protection was ok and no fogging issue but the vibe was not good enough for airsoft, also I read loads of stuff about potential of broken BB pieces going into your eye and stuff (scary sh*t brother, be safe no matter what !) 2)FMA tactical goggles - these were great on protection and comfort actually but they were fogging like hell after 15min (I removed the foam around the goggle but pfff, still fogs) 3)Ess ICE glasses - these are actually good but i just didnt feel safe enough because of the gap underneath, as for the fogging I realised my mask was causing the fogging since the mesh mask is blocking my breath go straight out and warm air(breath) was going under the glasses which causes the fog 4)I bought Pyramex I-Force and X2000 last week (to switch between them if one gets foggy), these Pyramex one is also used by youtube guy Novritch as well, I will update this post as I play with them this week. Oh, also I never tried anti fog solution or dishwasher trick so far. I shall this week and overcome this god damn issue hopefully but after this point I start losing my faith in fogless eye protection. Next try will be replacing mesh mask with one of these gum shields (yes,bb can break that tooth !)
  10. Do anyone know any Saturday(28 oct) game that is in 1.5 - 2 hour close to London ?

    1. Robert James

      Robert James

      Plantation - The Purge

    2. CanErdogan


      Thanks Rob, I also found Reforger Airsoft. just for records.

    3. tonytenaces


      Reforger is good woodland site and in watford but normally on sundays but is on tomorrow as i am going 


  11. Does anyone have an upgraded TM VSR for sale ?

  12. Alright, I guess I got the message here. To be honest I dont feel comfortable asking people to try their gun and even I do sometime I cannot understand how gun performs in couple of shots right ? I really need to try before buying next time. The only shop near me is Wolf Armories in Camden. I suppose I should visit the store once again (last time wasnt that pleasant since no one gave a shit about me being customer there). To leave a future airsofter lets just say for the records, Try before buy Good gun does not have to be expensive Take good care of your AEG and maybe get a proper hop - barrel to achieve strong accuracy. Buy cheap, buy multiple times because you will definitely change your mind in couple of games
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