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  1. I agree with you about Humber Airsoft; excellent site, good facilities and good marshals except the one that can't take a hit. However, rather than get mad with the guy, it's bloody hilarious because everyone except him knows that he can't take a hit and he gets hammered every Sunday One day he'll learn; he's still quite young but at the same time, old enough to be a marshal. Other than that, I would say give Humber Airsoft a try as it's very friendly and a very varied site based around a disused quarry.
  2. How nice it is to report that on Saturday, my son and I had a great day out in Eversley with the Gunman organisation. The milsim theme is definitely more interesting than the 30 minute pew pew games that you get at 'skirmish' sites. It seemed to me that there was a lot of regulars there but they were all helpful and friendly enough. The site is massive and I spent a lot of time "lost" but that was my first visit. There were around 60 folks there but because of the size of the place, it didn't seem crowded at all. There are loos on site and a cafe and the owner, Josh has the ability to make everyone feel welcome while at the same time organising the days events. I hope that one day, they produce a downloadable document with a site map and all of the game rules for you to read before your arrive but other than that, I can't complain. TIP: If you like to organise your kit and have a base for the day, bring a folding table and some folding chairs. You can also camp on site Friday and Saturday nights which I would have loved to do but couldn't get everything together in time. A lot of people use radios which adds to the tactical and teamwork side of the game. TIP: Get your radios programmed onto the site frequencies before you go. They us the licensed business radio channels and not the PMR 446 walkie-talkie radios. There is a decent shop on site selling everything from gas and gloves to pistols and rifles and also they accept major payment cards. So I would give this site ***** 4/5 and recommend a visit
  3. OK. I will do it but I will take the time to do it in an objective manner rather than as an irate rant. I brought this to the attention of the owner as soon as it happened and followed it up with a call and an email a week later and then many more reminders after that. There was no accident reporting procedure and I was not asked to log anything. I agree that it is p*ss poor and I won't be going there again even though I was offered a "free" session like a free session will compensate me for a £40 shirt and burnt skin. I think that while I am at it, I will also file a review of an airsoft shop in Fleet that also IMHO treats customers with contempt. But that's another story.
  4. Just to emphasise that the site in question is neither of the 2 in my profile.
  5. Agreed with all of the above. Damn irresponsible. Here is the irony. They make everyone put an orange "sock" over the barrel of their gun in the safety area in order to prevent any accidents. You couldn't make it up. So do you think I should spill the beans about the site?
  6. Just as an update. After weeks of constant nagging and reminders, I received a half-hearted apology and an offer of a free game for me and my son. I doubt if my complaint was fully investigated and I doubt if anything has changed at this site and anything has been learn't. It took over a month for the owner to get back to me citing lame excuses about not being able to contact people and breaking his legs. This is the same site that sold me a pistol that had an issue that in the end I had to take to another shop to get fixed. That very same site sold me the pistol without colour spray without question or checking that I had a valid UKARA defence. The site is a disaster waiting to happen and the owner only cares about his wallet so I won't be going back. It's very tempting to name and shame this outfit. I am far from satisfied with the outcome.
  7. Yes, this is something that I experience with mine but as I don't fire for minutes at a time on full-auto, it isn't a problem for me. Wearing gloves (as you do) I don't notice anyway. BTW - you shoot one hell of a lot of BBs in 10 minutes. I sometimes don't fire that many in a 90 minute game
  8. Hello. I have the same weapon and had the same issue. In summary, the nice folks at Patrol Base looked into this and spoke with the UK distributor. It turns out that 7.7v or 8.4v lipos are just not up to it because as soon as they drain a little, there isn't enough power. This is an issue with the MOSFET. Furthermore, I was advised that even if the 8.4v lipos worked, you may only get one game out of the battery before it stops working. The solution that we came up with was to replace the lipos with 11.1v ones (which incidentally, Patrol Base gave me foc as a goodwill gesture) and since then I have had no issues with it. It fires really fast in full auto however, as I don't normally fire on full-auto in long bursts, it really isn't an issue for me. There is a view that using an 11.1v battery on this weapon can lead to excessive wear on the moving parts thus reducing its life but Patrol Base were happy to honour the warranty if I used 11.1v so everyone is happy with the outcome. IMHO G&G could have designed this weapon with a better MOSFET that would be happy working with lower voltage batteries. Incidentally, if you look up the CM16 SRL on the Patrol Base web site, you will see that they specify 11.1c lipos for it.
  9. Yes, I can't believe how technical it is. People that have never experienced airsoft think it's just overgrown kids playing with "pop guns" How wrong they are!
  10. That was very useful, thank you. In reality, the grip safety does not impact the use of the pistol. It's just annoying that it doesn't work on a brand new pistol. I'll get someone to do this for me however, I am worried that it will then impact the operation of the gun. It's tempting to leave it.
  11. I was dragged into airsoft by some friends just a couple of months ago. I have found that this sport has it's own jargon and language. I am beginning to put together some kit and have all of the clothing that I need (or I had it until some twit threw a pyro at me burning my shirt), a tactical vest, a pistol, a helmet and a dual-band radio. I must admit that I am enjoying it more than I imagined that I would and found it bloody physically hard at first running around and diving for cover. Since I started, my fitness has improved and having decided that I needed to toughen-up for this, I have managed to lose over 2 stone in weight so this has actually given me a lot of motivation to get fit and active. My next purchase has to be an assault rifle. The problem is that you ask a dozen people for their advice and get a dozen different recommendations for a weapon. It's great to be part of this forum, Cheers! Steve.
  12. Just to be clear. I am not looking to sue anyone or get anyone arrested which is the point made by James1989 above. I do want to prevent this happening again and for the site owner to give the marshal involved some 'advice' and I would welcome the site offering something as a goodwill gesture given the fact that the injury and damage was as a direct result of the actions of one of the site marshals. I have had an initial response from the site and I have to be fair and await the outcome of their investigations before posting further on this matter but I do appreciate all of the different views on this from everyone as diverse as they are and welcome further comments below. I have deliberately not named the site because once again, I don't believe in slating an organisation publicly unless they absolutely deserve it and I don't think that this site does deserve that.
  13. Hi Dentonboy, Just to be clear, the above incident does NOT relate to the site in my profile below my avatar. Moreover, I am happy to give that site a recommendation. Steve.
  14. To be fair, I have not named the site because they have not yet had enough time to respond. I don't think that I have been unreasonable.
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