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  1. badshotbob

    ASG Glock 18C

    I have a Glock 18C and on Sundays shoot the selector switch was lost. Please could someone let me know if the ASG version is a TM clone and ideally is it the same construct as the KWC version. Also what do I need to buy apart from the switch, as in spring etc.
  2. badshotbob

    Hello from Sunny Scotland!

    Try the site at Crail, friendly people good mix of out doors and CQB and not too far from you.
  3. badshotbob

    Skirmshop opening in the UK

    No the Netherlands site, but checking a few items I ordered are no available yet on the UK site like the maxxmodel air nozzle and the prommy barrels.
  4. badshotbob

    Skirmshop opening in the UK

    Ordered last Friday and this Tuesday from Netherlands mate
  5. badshotbob

    Skirmshop opening in the UK

    Typical recently placed two orders with them and the carrier charge from Netherlands.
  6. badshotbob

    Hop up and barrel

    What fps increase do you except with a new hop up and barrel upgraded?
  7. badshotbob


    Overall rating (1 - 10): 10Would you deal with the trader again (Yes / No): YESAny other comments: Bargain off the month, cheers bud.
  8. badshotbob

    Harry Charles

    Overall rating (1 - 10): 10 Would you deal with the trader again (Yes / No): Yes Any other comments: Great prompt correspondence, pleasure to meet you mate.
  9. badshotbob

    ASPUK (Airsoft Sniper Parts UK)

    I agree we need the consensus of more reviews of ASPUK products, I also appreciate the advice you are giving to other airsoft members that they should be aware of new products entering the market place until they have earned there salt, but should you not as a moderator try to support any new innovations entering this industry before you dismiss them as overpriced and white labeling other companies products especially if you have seen the products. I do have AirsoftPro products in my VSR10 which do the job but I wish I had bought ASPUK products in the VSR10, this conclusion is just by comparing the two products together. ASPUK seem to be well thought out and great eye for detail, also solid construction. I will say I have no links with the shop I'am just a customer.
  10. badshotbob

    ASPUK (Airsoft Sniper Parts UK)

    Wish I had not made my comments complimenting ASPUK if I would have known the reaction it would get. Proffrink why don't you pay ASPUK a visit and let the demonstrate their products to you, I was impressed on my visit. Then you can evaluate the products first hand. They are really nice friendly people who are proud of their products.
  11. badshotbob

    ASPUK (Airsoft Sniper Parts UK)

    LOL suppose so, sorry to delay that customers repair.
  12. badshotbob

    ASPUK (Airsoft Sniper Parts UK)

    I visited ASPUK the other week to rectify a few issues with my VSR 10 for selling my rifle, the tech stopped what he was doing and spent a few hours putting the VSR 10 right and a few upgrades. I received great service from all the staff and brilliant quality VSR10 parts as far as I'am aware manufactured in Sheffield, lets support British Industry when we can.
  13. Are the rules different in Scotland to the rest of the UK?
  14. badshotbob

    Asg aw308 hop help

    Before you spend anymore cash on the gun try heavier bbs mate
  15. badshotbob

    Asg aw308 hop help

    What size bbs are you using and are they a decent make.