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  1. Thinking of spending my PPI money on a Tippmann.. found a site doing the CQB with free tank and line for £424.


    Any tips from Tippmann owners?


    1. CompulsiveWarfare


      That's a banging deal

      I love my Tippman but upgrades are basically necessary 

      things to look for include:

      TDC Mods 

      Hop rubber (Madbull red's are popular)

      Inner barrel

      Also picking up a tournament lock is a good idea 

      From here you can start thinking about heavy bolts etc

      The Tippman owners group on Facebook is the best place to find Tippman knowledge 


      All that can be brought for around £40 and installed easily, Id highly recommend a Tippman, they are so much fun 


    2. L3wisD


      I thought it was a good price, and they do 0% finance! Result!


      Think I might take the plunge, they seem super fun to play with.

    3. CompulsiveWarfare


      I'm 99% sure you wont regret it, Tippmans warranty and customer service are amazing, you can rest easy knowing that any problem you have will be taken care of