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  1. Before I order one. Anyone got a TM USP (Or compact) they wanna sell? :)

    1. heroshark



      Compact it's my recommendation. 


    2. L3wisD


      Over the full sized 9?

      Not much in the performance between them then?


      (Plus I have tiny hands. Prefer the G19 over the G17 etc)

    3. heroshark


      Not sure on the difference as stock but yes there is the standard barrel length is quite short. Thing I like about the compact its so snappy due to the tiny light weight slide. I have the hk45 similar internal set up and although snappy to it seems sluggish in comparison and they both have the same upgrades. I fit lpe route shims, 9 ball routes, ml hop and hadron fang plate. I also fit the threaded outer barrel and 90mm CJ inner barrel. Stock outer barrel will only cover 75mm which is the stock barrel length. Chronoed Sat pretty consistent at 250fps on 0.28. About 300ish on 0.2 , stock power 280ish so 20fps boost. Stock usp is 290ish although if you did something similar it too there would be and extra boost. I did have to fit a harder buffer spring on the recoil  as it was still moving too quick at the end of the cycle for the slide stop to catch.

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