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  1. I have a 03 passat estate which is the working vehicle for the horses etc. Paid £3000 for it 5 year ago and now got 203k miles on it now? It's a shed bit it still goes. Our other car which is the family car is also a passat estate but it's a 2011 plate with 100k and I also have a citroen c2 loeb in the garage which needs a mot so I can get rid of it. Both the passats are on admiral multi car which I think is about 400 for both so can't grumble at that teally
  2. As I am still looking around deciding what to buy I came across the G&G GK5C and was wondering if anyone has had any experiences lately with this gun? I have searched on here and the threads are a few years old so wanted to see if there was anyone on here that has one now. I do like the look of it as it's a bit different to the m4 platform. Cheers
  3. This gun any good? Does it justify it's price? I like the look of it as it's different to all the usual m4 and that.
  4. If I go krytac what would be the best battery to use and what charger shall I get as that seems to be a minefield all on its own haha
  5. Thanks for your input and replies guys. Think I will keep researching haha
  6. I see where your coming from cheers fella
  7. Really appreciate the replies guys and I am taking it all on board. I really like the Scar H prefer it to the L. I like it due to its different to all the M4's that are out there. I do have a lot of thinking ahead of me haha
  8. Once I've sold my car and payed off a few bills I will hopefully have between 400-500 quid.
  9. Thanks for the comments guys. Think I'll need to think about it a bit longer. I really do like the DMR route but don't know if that's a bit to advanced at this stage. As for the m4 I do like them but they all look the same to me so get confused to which one is which haha
  10. I think they do, I have been emailing them and they replied!! Haha
  11. Hi peeps, I'm struggling what to do at the moment, I'm one skirmish away until I require my UKARA. Let's just say I am going to invest time and money into this new hobby that I so much enjoy, i know i have only played twice but i generally enjoy it. I have done plenty of research on the net about what are the best guns are for beginners etc (G&G and that)... My question is and this is where I start to struggle with my decision is shall I get a gun just to get me going and start saving for what I really want or buy what I really want? This gun will be my main primary for a few years so please take that into consideration. I do have a reasonable budget to start with. Sorry it was a long post and thanks for taking the time to read this and I look forward to your replies. Phil
  12. No I haven't got ukara yet. Got one more skirmish to do first.
  13. Thanks for them links. Will have a proper look when I finish work. As a new starter in airsoft can people tell me the experiences when buying airsoft guns from non UK based companies? Good/bad? Thanks
  14. Thanks for the replies guys. Think I'll have to do a bit more research haha. I have used Google, I ask as there only seems to be one for sale on the Internet and I can't find it anywhere else.
  15. This is just a quick question, can you still buy the SCAR-H SSR new? I only ask as it is my 30th next year and I would like this as a pressie to myself once I have a few more games under my belt. Cheers Phil
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