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  1. Hey guys since I'm having so many issues with my aeg I'm looking for a good gbb rifle new to gbb's what are the best brands and best models ?
  2. Hey guys my sodding we msk aeg is having problems when firing on semi it fires two shots like its on burst any ideas I've been having issues with since I bought it
  3. Thank your Kurtz my barrel is only 5mil shorter so you've made my day thank you
  4. Yeah the barrel length is 440mm I've found a tight bore with 445mm but it's for ak's would there be any fitting issues in a we msk ?
  5. Would it fit my hop up unit and is a 6.03 more usable than a 6.01 ?
  6. Hey guys I'm having trouble getting a tight bore to fit my we msk (acr) aeg rifle the website stats my inner in 440mm but cannot find one any help ???
  7. I run a we msk full length and it's a long rifle bit dodgy for small rooms as we have a maze lol
  8. Hey guys looking for a smg for cqb sites so in your opinion what's the best/nicest to own out there
  9. Hey guys wondering if anyone has the we msk aeg I have the full length barrel and I'm looking to replace the inner with a 6.03 tight bore and not sure on the length thanks in advance
  10. Is the barrel but the one with the spanner attached to it under the forward rails ?
  11. Cool guys best way to clean it I'm a newb to airsoft ?
  12. Ooo could you recommend any In particular
  13. Hey guys just received my rifle and I'm not to happy with the accuracy now I'm looking for a tight bore for it but here's the issue I have a 435mm inner barrel and I'm not sure what barrels are compatable ? Thanks
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