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  1. UBACS meant to be loose or snug? I've bought one in my chest size, and it's quite loose.

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    2. Hibernator


      There seem to be two different designs from the ones I've bought. Some are made of a light spandex material designed to be tight and snug against your torso. But you get others that are more like t-shirt/coolmax material that are cut looser and fit more like a t-shirt rather than being figure hugging. For example - US Mastif version spandex and snug. British MTP - coolmax and looser. I prefer the looser ones, spandex is not a good look on me :)

    3. Lozart


      I have the spandex type and while yes, it's not a great look on a larger gentleman it's designed to be under your PC/chest rig so you won't see it most of the time anyway!

    4. Sacarathe


      I bought two at once, both Emerson, thing i'm saying byebye to Emerson from today.