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  1. Hey guys! I ordered a stock: G&G Armament CM16 Wild Hog 9' I need some advice on batteries, and if its LiPo, some help with not ruining everything. The guys where I ordered it recommended 15C 11.1, lower discharge rate so it won't ruin the gearbox but 11.1 to work with the MOSFET. Any tips?
  2. Ok, I cancelled the upgrades, and have got my 9inch Wild Hog, G&G on the way! I will try it without upgrades first.
  3. Nothing wrong with then, just want it to go a bit further with the new hop, get the FPS up to 357, and have it all deans. However I amen't sure, I haven't got the upgrades done yet. I might cancel it and get someone I know to do it, as I don't know what he is putting in it exactly.
  4. @Castle well bud, I will probably be attending every week, I enjoy playing a more tactical style of flanking enemies and clearing the flanks, especially when playing Bunker missions at Apocalypse. I was there yesterday with the green gun ahaha. If you sound interested and want to ask any questions fire away!
  5. Thanks for the help everyone! I went with a G&G Wild Hog, 9inch and putting a new barrel, hop-up, m100 spring and a deans service to it!
  6. Hey guys! I am a newer player in Kent, and have seen a lot of people posting who attend Apocalypse, and I was wondering if any of you would like to group up and make a small team. I am doing this because a lot of my friends aren't regulars to Airsoft, so to have some mates to skirmish with would be great. If you are interested, reply below and I can give you some contact details for the group and game dates. Regards, Tin
  7. Ok, it seems kinda hard, one store said G&G aren't good, some people told me NURPOL aren't, is the MOSFET worth it with the G&G over the extra 47 FPS from the NUPROL and 0.5 inch longer barrel.
  8. I am hoping to get a longer range weapon and saw this, and it looks like a great deal, any thoughts on if I would have to modify it much to get good accuracy and range? http://www.patrolbase.co.uk/airsoft-sniper-rifles/cyma-cm702a-flutted-m24-black.htm Thanks!
  9. G&G Armament Combat Machine CM16 SRXL - Black or NUPROL Delta Recon, most notably the NUPROL Has 28 higher fps, anything elsew you can see?
  10. Well, I was told a longer barrel makes it easier to build a DMR off, as essentially, what I gather is, that FPS isn't the end of the world, making it go a longer distance comes from a longer barrel and a good hop up? Essentially, I amen't a very fit person, and carrying all my kit running really close with my current crappy close range gun takes its toll on me. So I want something I can use medium-long range (so I will put a variable scope on it) but also giving me the option to go close. I was told a G&G is good, and from personal use I agree. I am open to suggestions from people who aren't technicians of course with no bias.
  11. Yeh, this guy works at the field but has his own team of 3-4 guys that own a workshop, he seems legit enough and was happy to offer just advice. I was also looking at this: GUN It has decent reviews, and I was thinking of putting this on it: Optics and a fore-grip, then in a few months asking the tech for any suggestions on new parts to increase range, and its hop? I think I am kind of a noob.
  12. Ok, I am speaking to a technician at my field and he said he could upgrade my CM16 from G&G to fire like a DMR, which is an option, just going to ask him whats cheaper, sniper and sidearm or working on my rifle
  13. No clue mate, one shop said G&G was bad, another said they are great. Just want to work out whats cheaper, build a DMR, or a sniper and sidearm
  14. My current one is a 3rd hand G&G, I want to make a DMR or have a sniper basically. More range Budget, maybe 300-400 pounds?
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