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  1. Ok so quite important then, just to clarify, I removed old stock and sling mount under sling mount was tiny spring, is this the spring and if so where can I order a spare or 2?
  2. Hi all when replacing my stock on my 416 I noticed a small spring between sling mount and gun, does this spring serve any purpose? As for the life of me can't find mine.
  3. My ubacs shirt had shoulder padding too. Took it all out.. Also the large size I had didn't fit and the extra large is definately too big but I prefer too big than small.
  4. i assume they are all aegs triggerhappy
  5. If i switched from gbb guns to aeg, could you recommend a good l85, M417, M416 and m4? Would need to be same criteria, reliable, well made, metal if possible and good upgrade potential
  6. Ok no problem I'll keep looking
  7. They seem to have limited choice on gbb guns. I'm one of those people that likes alot of options to choose from and will research anything I want to buy. I do like the WE L85 but I am also looking at the tippman m4 but I want to run green gas on it and don't know if that's possible. I'm also looking for a M417 that's a gbbr and also a M416 that's gbbr.
  8. I came into some money and the wife gave permission to spend some.. I offer that price per gun, as I want to spend well the get 2 guns I don't have to keep fixing all the time and can just maintain and play. I know l85 has issues but unless someone offers 2 choices better both in reliability and upgrade potential then l85 will be one of 2 choices.
  9. Ok here's the skinny, I am looking for a solid well built metal if possible, reliable gbbr to fit my British loadout. I'm tempted as always with the WE L85a2 but I'm looking for other options, either if I don't get the L85 or as a 2nd gun. I don't like m4s but will look at them provided they are reliable. Budget is about £450 per gun and looking for 2 of which one will possibly be the L85. So in essence I'm looking for 2 guns. If possible please include shop. Advice from you esteemed pro's would be greatly appreciated
  10. Yeah so this is my tribute to him Just gotta complete my British loadout Any tips for loadout? And gear
  11. Yeah household cavalry my old man served with them, kind of an homage
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