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  1. Gun's Broke itself.. again >:( techy filed the nozzle down and it was fine for the game but now gun is royally f*cked think the air nozzle has went too far forward and broke the hop aswell (the actual arm that pushes on the rubber) Tempting to fix it then sell it an buy a ump, mp5 or scorpion that wont break on me.

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    2. Aengus


      Duck,how much would you pay for my g&g gr16, recently been reshimmed and generally maintained, fitted with a shs aluminium air nozzle (slightly too long just needs filed) and shs metal hop unit (broken) also note gun is two tone (just pistol grip and handguard it's starting to come off anyway) and nothing included just the gun

    3. Sitting Duck

      Sitting Duck

      Hard to say, it is a 2-tone so I personally not looking to buy another to strip off the paint again really. Can't see how the hop got bollox'd unless it wasn't assembled properly or something. I haven't had to file nozzle yet but have shaved/filed tappet plate instead for seal/feed issues.

    4. Sitting Duck

      Sitting Duck

      Best thing is maybe take a pic, shove it up for an appraisal, to get a fair price for it. If it is worth a gamble I could buy it, see how bad it is and offer you first refusal on it if a simple fix. You pay the cost of gun and if in say 2 months it still works then just the cost of repair parts n postage. Genuine offer depending on value coz I got enough G&G's n don't want a 2-tone tbh

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