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  1. Looking at these articles complaining about plus size clothing being more expensive than smaller sizes? Where has logic and reason gone? Should 1L of juice cost the same as 2L?? Discrimination? Raaaah /rant

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    2. Albiscuit


      Loz makes good points, its all the media taking it waay out of proportion anyway. Tv this morning was calling it a 'fat tax', although not a bad idea in general, the amount of money obesity and obesity related diseases (diabetes, heart probs etc) cost the NHS is ridiculous.

      *not bashing fatties by the way, just something I read a while ago... Im certainly 'cuddly' 

    3. Aengus


      +1 Ali. Be interesting to see some stats production on the production costs.

    4. Albiscuit


      Like Loz said though, they order so much, and likely own the factories that the production costs are spread around the whole range. Its doubtful they could tell you exact item costs for each item is whatever size as its likely averaged out per unit regardless of size.

      They are not working on a cost per square inch for example, they would buy huge rolls of materials at once.