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  1. Hi I have a Motorola xtn446 and I am in need of a charger does any one know if a Motorola xtr446 charger would work many thanks
  2. Yes dedsec I do need to charge it lol
  3. Didn't know that baz are there any cheaper ones that don't require a licence
  4. Many thanks guys i do prefer the look of g&g's so may have to be that
  5. I'm looking at getting a new gun I'm torn between the ICS M4 R.I.S. CRANE STOCK IPT-047-1 or the G&G COMBAT MACHINE AEG CM16 RAIDER L DST, any one had any? And could give me pros and cons for the guns please many thanks robbie
  6. Are these any good as a starter radi? Many thanks
  7. Sitting duck these are the photos of the gear, how easy is it to put back together I pulled it all apart in a pi**ed off mood so not quite sure how to repair it
  8. I bought a second hand src mp5 skirmished it twice with no problems I then bought a hi cap mag, which unfortunately didn't fit I was told it was due to the battery wiring being routed wrong, I found someone online who changed the wire round so it was out the way, I then fired the gun a little while later just to make sure everything was ok it fired 15-20 bb's then I heard grinding I found a gear in the box to be shredded, my question is does it have to be an src gearbox or will any v2 gearbox fit many thanks robbie
  9. Many thanks RR01, what would I need to change to get a better range on a gun ment thanks
  10. I'm looking at getting a G&G Combat Machine AEG CM16 Raider L DST (Tan)it fires 320 fps from the box but comes with the option of either spring's so was wondering if it is worth getting one fitted note our wait till the fps drops first
  11. What's the difference between the M90 and M100 springs in s new gun are they worth the extra money many thanks
  12. Cheers guys it's a src mp5, shizbazki I want it rear wired as I'm going to try and make a front hand guard and at the moment that's where the battery sits I'd prefer not to have to remove and fit every time I use the gun. :-)
  13. How easy is it to rewire a mp5 to a rear stock instead of the front hand guard many thanks
  14. These are the pictures I've taken of it
  15. I've just bought a second hand trijicon acog does anybody know what size battery fits many thanks robbie
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