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  1. I'm thinking of writing up a guide for how to actually upgrade an AGM L96, since they have been quoted as not available.

    1. proffrink


      Er, the Maruzen APS2 L96 is pretty much the best documented airsoft rifle as far as upgrades go. To my knowledge, the only possible difference between the AGM and any other clone is the cylinder internals.

    2. M_P


      The AGM l96 is takes very different parts Proffrink, They use VSR triggers but the cylinders are thinner than VSR, they are the same width as the APS cylinders. They take VSR springs and spring guides BUT the piston, albeit VSR shaped, is not VSR sized, the width is smaller to fit in the cylinder.

    3. Tad


      Also, the length of the piston is longer for the AGM model, when compared to the standard TM / Well model.