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  1. It is the only site I have been to during my time in the sport. I started off renting guns from them, very nice about it all. good customer service and they seem to know what the're talking about. They do two types of days Pro-am and Bootcamp: Bootcamp is based towards newer players, they start by day playing a game with all the new players. They take you to the Village section (at least they did with me) and give you an in-depth overview of Airsoft and how to play safely as well as teaching you about the honor system. There are still a lot a regulars that show up on Bootcamp, I try to
  2. 'll be @ Billiracy this Sunday. look for the dude in the Ghillie suit
  3. Hey all, Been playing Airsoft for about a year now, thought it about time to join a forum and get connected. First time at my local field and i though it was good, got to know some guys and I've fallen in love with the sport. So far my loadout it based for protection (BB on bare skin in CQB is NOT nice). First gun was my G36C, compact easy to use highly upgradeable a very convenient for my setup. My main pride and joy is my head gear. Fast helmet with facemask attacked to the side clips and goggles underneath for a supreme fit. All my gear is tried and tested for Airsoft and I think I'
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