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  1. Yer I`ll wait it does put me off thinking a nice gun is being graffiti on.
  2. Solved found complete set on Ebay..
  3. I`d have to keep the M14 with Full auto of course as I could use it as assult if I ever wanted to leave part of the sniper role, So The M40A5 and M14 would be my only necessary guns until of course a side arm upgrade.
  4. Good Afternoon Chaps, I`m in a bit of a predicament, I have a M40A5 Sniper rifle I`ve had a game with it and love it, However whilst browsing for upgrades I stumbled upon the M14 HBA-L and got chills, Now do I get this rifle or not. Pros: AEG / DMR Sniper. Great for left handed (ambidextrous). Good Potential of upgrading. Total Bad*** Look. Cons: Will have to two tone spray to a degree however once allowed this can be sprayed over so not a total Con. Whats your thoughts?
  5. Afternoon Chaps, What is the metal stopper at the end of the bolt called that stops the bolt action handle from coming off, I took apart my M40A5 Yesterday when I took this part off a pin and spring flew out, I put it back in the wrong way and damaged it (Bolt handle flops), Just looking at replacing it, It still fires its just not right, Pictured below. This is my first Airsoft rifle and first time I have ever taken one apart,,,,Lesson learnt already lol.
  6. Well im not fussing over it as I`ll be wrapping it then spraying it myself later in its life, However a shop will want to make it look brilliant so never mind will have to wait and see.
  7. So if they were to start spraying it now I wont get it before Saturday,, Hmm
  8. Afternoon Chaps, Just a quick question looked in the forum and googled but had no luck, Does anybody know how long it takes for an Airsoft Paint shop to spray a gun once its set up for spraying (Sniper Rifle)???
  9. Looking at it more I think it might just be the suppressor being a cheapo perhaps if I replace it with a better one in time it won't be an issue Edit: I can't use it, turning it around whilst looking down the sight to aim aims everywhere but straight lol.
  10. Morning chaps, Looking at my MK23 this morning I noticed if I put the suppressor on and tighten it slightly (not over tightened) the suppressor bares to a side slightly is this a known issue or do I have a dud, if I losen it slightly is straightens up.
  11. Hey it`s a space saving idea go with it,
  12. How are you thinking storage wise for all your airsoft gun, Wall mounted or shelving it out?
  13. Yer I just worn the entire suit with half a hat and it is very warm thinking hydration pack needs to be incorporated as well, I`ll just have to bare in mind I`m not running outa my boots in play I`ll have to sloth it, Trying it with my Sidearm /w holster whats the first thing I did?? Cut my trigger and thumb off my gloves couldn't feel my safety lol, One handy thing I did notice tho is that I`m comfy firing my Sidearm with my right hand yet I snipe left handed, Pretty handy for me Holster is concealed from the ghillie suit can not be seen when prone also any straps from knee pads. Crawling is easy with nothing being caught. Goggles I need colorless lens, I currently have yellow and just don't like wearing them No photos as my photographer is not here, Next pictures will be when entire suit is complete and maybe rifle wrap.
  14. Got my first gun I got a Mk23 special, Ghillie suit I got half way through my hat and ran out of dyed jute.....Back to the dismantling jute stage...
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