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  1. Lol thanks for the lmgtfu scarathe but i know the product, i just cant find it in a uk online store
  2. Heres what im talking about http://www.airsoftgi.com/mobile/product_info.php?products_id=3493
  3. Aye but thats the 500rd version. plus its manual wind. The 2000rd version is auto wind
  4. Hi guys, Im looking for the above, they hold about 2000-2500 bbs, so its not the single drum mag you sometimes see-they only hold about 500 at best. The only place i can see is airsoftgi.com and dont really want to order from the states cos of all the importing guff Anyone know where i can get one????
  5. THanks for that. I think its the fascination with bulpups that has me interested in the p90. I have an APS Aug A1 and despite all the negs about aps gearboxes etc it performes really well. Because of all the problems around p90s i figure id get the cheapest one to get it out of my system. like i said though ive already an mp5 so ive all the mags already for an mp5k if i were to get one
  6. So heres what i think i know P90s across the board have feeding issues...esp with hicap mags. M4 conversion wouldnt suit me cos im a southpaw. Seen the cyma p90 on TWG and thought why not, just get low or midcap mags. Im just not sure of the quality. I have a cyma mp5 already and its a good shooter. Full metal construction and good feel. The mp5k is full metal too (p90 polymer). The only downside is the lack of a sliding stock for mp5k as opposed to mp5. Theres about £10 diff between the two Can anyone whose had experience of either give me a bit of guideance on this? Thanks
  7. Anyone had any experience with these guys? Theyre selling a few tasty guns online and was thinking of ordering from them
  8. Just a quick qu, Are ak mags compatable with the as val?
  9. Been searchin for different handguards for mp5. There arent really thay many. Does anyone know of, or has anyone tried to amalgamate an m4 style handguard with the mp5?or any other type of Handguards for that matter? Photos would be great
  10. Hopefull it wont be delayed any longer lad. Ive a milsim to go to and my order was for that. if mine hadve been delayed id have been ragin
  11. So, Ordered a whole heap of stuff last week. Came today on time and everything was there and in good order. I live in NI and so was a little worried about gettin the fps etc right. Emailed taiwangun to downgrade and they did it. Rushed home at lunch cos my girlfriend was the one who received the package. Couldnt be happier. Was like a kid at christmas. Pretty sure ill be ordering again from them
  12. Has anyone ever tried it?? If so how did you do it?? Can they be bought?
  13. Yeah they just replied to me there about that, and as said earlier on here they dowgrade for free. im gonna place my order tonight, hopefully all goes well. so far so good though
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