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    Ameoba 009 converted to look like a honey badger with a twist ;)

    Glock 23
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    Bawtry paint fields
  1. We travelling from chesterfield so it's not on way
  2. U still going buddy think we booking in tomorrow
  3. Is it defo cancelled? Do we know why?
  4. I'll keep an eye out for u Ian look out for 3 guys black hoodies mtp trousers one carrying honey badger one carrying a skorpion EVO and one carrying a badger hybrid if u feel like it could team up
  5. Well fingers crossed it's a good turn out need to get a few kills under my belt
  6. Anyone else going to anzio on 22nd? I'm returning here for first time in about 3 years or so and wondered what turn out will be
  7. Tried eBay can't find anything
  8. Just purchased 3 of these bad Bois but can anyone tell me where I could get throat mics from as I'm not sure on the size of the jacks
  9. Just me chilling in airsoft International :-)
  10. just looking and its only $20.99 so might order a few and hope they arrive in time
  11. i wasnt sure if tm was compatable but if someone can confirm this that would be great
  12. hi guys and girls without importing from god knows where does anyone know anyone or anywhere that stocks kj works glock stuff i.e upgrade parts and mags as im going to trojan airsoft end of november and im planning a big pistol game day
  13. cheers buddy that paint job took me the best part of 2 days not rushing it alot of sponging and very fine paint brushes and i do agree with you about t1 and the mags
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